Empathic Prophecies For 2018 For You


So many empathic energies are hitting us right now – grief fear loss and a feeling of the unknown being fully present


You may be already feeling that things are changing or can’t continue in their old form but be feeling helpless as to what you can do to make things more balanced – we have recorded a short video to support you with what’s coming in to 2018 for each of us personally – these are not ‘doom and gloom’ prophecies but much more centered around your personal journey and how this affects us collectively


If you would like to experience on of these Sessions please click the link below


Option 1 :  Past life and Parrallel Life Reading & Clearing – what’s happening elsewhere and how is it impacting your life relationships and finances now ? Clear these

Option 2 : meet your star guides High Soul family and receive messages and introductions from them and a sneak peak of what’s coming for you 2018


Sending you so much love and warmth and 100% belief in you

Sheelagh and your team


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