The Empaths Guide To Abundance


One of these days you’l really be able to make your mark, shine your light and people around you will understand what you’ve been trying to tell them for a long time – until that time though you may feel as though your stuck on a bad fairground ride where the music is wonky, the colours are bright and you feel everything ‘supernova’ style and most of it isn’t even yours……

You see as an empath you can’t ‘talk yourself into a good place’ when your feeling something quite the reverse in fact the more you follow a lot of the LOA techniques the more you may find you attract energies that collide with your best intentions


‘Stop! Just Halt one hot damn minute – before we talk about Abundance ‘baby’ lets confirm you are an empath shall we ?’


  1. Do you feel drained/depleted and even irritated after being with certain family members to the point of dreading seeing them in the first place ?
  2. Do you feel overwhelmed and claustrophobic in shopping centres (even when you should be having a good time ) or large supermarkets and sometimes feel like running or abandoning your trolley mid aisle?
  3. Do you feel low or worried when your spouse or partner comes home after feeling really good and positive all day ?
  4. Do you know whether a house or a coach or a service is for you by the way you feel ‘in your heart’ and you are nearly always proved it was a good fit ?
  5. Do you feel as if you know exactly what someone Isn’t saying but you know what they really feel ?


Congratulations you are an empath – now abundance is attracted by using your Empathic gift wisely……



Calling in abundance as an empath relies on one thing only – being able to feel where your being guided – you see your team and your higher self have already designed your path – & it’s perfect for you no more efforting is required 


  1. The first thing to call in abundance as an empath is ‘review‘ what works and what doesn’t – what friends and family members drain you ?  Are you aware that people whose vibration is lower than ours tend to cord us with their ‘need’ ? We then receive this energy into our body and our business too – a simple decording routine sorts this quickly and easily
  2. Abundance only comes when we are aligned with our souls true path – we are then guided quickly to use our gifts in the way that serves us and others – most folk now are on new souls paths and this will mean letting go of clients or techniques or niches that do not have high amounts of ‘flow’ running through them – using your gift ‘feel’ where you are having to put more effort than normal into things and seeing very little return – this is a sign the energy is waning -are sign ups down or do you simply feel less inspired than you were before ?  This is your souls way of trying to edge you over onto the path that you will remain on for the next 9 years – you already know this if you use your gifts
  3. Empaths that overgive are literally splurging their energetic cash – this is your vital life force energy – that which the Universe ‘feeds back to you ‘ if you have people around you whose vibration is lower than yours and you are ‘making up the gap’ because your scared of losing them or trying to placate them your own ‘energy field’ won’t get any bigger and brighter and the Universe can’t reflect this back at you put simply you are running on empty and can only receive ‘that back’ – it’s time to be aware of what’s yours and what’s not
  4. Finally all the affirming and visualising won’t work if your not living in the now fully and completely  if you are taking your energy into the future and trying to ‘get there from here’ it just doesn’t work – be aware of what Really needs your attention are you spending too much time doing things that don’t make your heart sing hoping they will pay off ?  Are you trying to be a money mindset coach when your heart would love to be more intuitive and creative ?  Living your life now as if it is the only time you have supercharges your vibration and gets it pumping positively in a much more powerful way than any ‘future visioning’ technique but do be aware we are all being asked to deal with our dirt so that the now feels even better than before



A Final Word – here are some of the things that can cause a lack of abundance reaching even the most happy person and we are here to help 

  • Auric dumping – where family/clients/aqaintences dump their energy rubbish in your auric field
  • your 9th chakra being partially or fully closed – this is like your Energetic Cervix nothings getting in if it’s closed
  • Anti spirit energies – sent over cords established by people who want something from us
  • Old Soul Contracts that need updating evolving or possibly ending so that our path is clear for what wants to come in

We would love to help you with all of this and more – next week I’m opening up just 3 one hour Readings which include


  • What 2018 has in store for you challenges and suprises
  • A clearing on abundance or relationships
  • Clarity on your souls objective
  • Clarity on your empathic gifts
  • Who is your guide and what do they need you to know

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wishing you So much love and sparkles

Sheelagh and your team

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