The Empaths Retrograde Guide To Abundance



So it’s official the Mercury Retrograde is here and we are now officially all ready and revved up to ‘go backwards’ – before I hear many of you sighing at another ‘retrograde article’ we want to assure you that this one is different, we are going to talk to you about what you have ‘already’ been experiencing and what you can now go on to experience and if you’re an empath, yes it’s going to be more powerful for you but you’re lucky you can use your gift wisely



First of all let’s get clear on what being an empath means – it literally means having empathy with energy or ‘feeling energy’ in different ways at different signs the most common ways of experiencing empathy are


  • Being with a friend/colleague/loved one whose having a hard time and feeling drained and depleted in their company – this is GOOD news because it means you can identify easily how lower energy affects you ‘already’
  • Starting your day in a good mood, but within 2 hours of being active in the world, the mood of other road users/ shoppers/ mums at school/office workers has set you on edge and made you feel as though you really are in some kind of weird energy interchange – you try to be magnanimous, but people seem to get more ‘off’ with you as you try and you wind up feeling like you could throttle someone
  • Your routine is quite settled – but there are certain places that you go that you ‘just dread’ because you feel wound up, strung out, exhausted and just plain ‘off’ and that’s before you even walk in the door – this is because you are literally already feeling the energy soup that is there and you know you’re gonna be ‘pulp’ afterwards
  • You are fine and you know what drains your energy but when your spouse is having a hard time, it really ‘really’ affects you suddenly ‘his lack’ issues become yours and it takes you a good week to get back to where you are – IF you can get there
  • You adore your clients, but you just know that you’re going to be exhausted after that client session – you have to pull out all the stops and you’re still not sure they ‘get it ‘






This is good news ?  can you explain why ? – well first off if you’re FEELING the energy you KNOW when it’s affecting you – perhaps you don’t quite get ‘how much’ it’s affecting you but you can at the very least understand the concept that your ability to manifest abundance is all about energy – and it you’re drained, depleted, stressed or overwhelmed your ability to even HAVE abundant thoughts – let alone enough to actively bring change in is really minimized if you are constantly being ‘fed’ lower energy into your auric field but imagine if ….


  • You could manifest USING your empathy by knowing exactly how you are affected and having the skills to clear it
  • You could manifest BECAUSE you are being authentically and energetically true to ‘who you are meant to be’ rather than ‘the energy you are processing in your life’
  • You manifest abundance because you are using YOUR ENERGY as the template that changes your world
  • Rather than the world affecting your energy
  • You can manifest easily because you are bringing through more light energy more abundance energy and this ‘pairs you up’ with the right people places and situations


It sounds like a fairy tale only most of the coaches and practitioners I see simply don’t realise that they are an energetic being but SO IS their business, SO IS their relationship SO IS their money area – put simply if you are full up of other peoples stuff – then despite the rigid ‘happy thoughts’ you are NOT full up of yours and your business etc is all being affected at a very basic level, meaning more effort zero results and  a whole lot of blood sweat and tears


It doesn’t have to be like this anymore – it doesn’t have to stay like this but what MUST change is you – unless YOU change energetically and soon – nothing else will change either 




My Manifesting Prosperity sessions are ‘on offer’ for the month of September to help you get all this ‘down’ and start again – it’s the only way that I know for you to truly receive the abundance that’s right for you – in 1 hour we look at


  • Who, what, and how you are being blocked and clear what we can
  • establish your core vibration that your soul needs you to radiate
  • Establish your current soul purpose at this time and how to integrate that with the abundance you desire
  • Ensure that your soulcontracts are up to date, you soul group is the right one for you and that you are not being affected by their energy
  • REMOVE the energies keeping you stuck sent to you by others these are usually envy, jealousy, competition stress etc and often come from family members or people a little jealous of who you are
  • Ensure you understand what steps you can take
  • Ensure you appreciate what your real gifts are
  • Give you timelines where appropriate
  • Introduce you to your own Abundance Guide

These are groundbreaking sessions – I haven’t seen anyone else offer anything like this and they pack a punch, however they also nourish nurture and uplift you right where you are – no longer does empathy have to be anything but a gift


The One thing we want to tell you is that changing ‘what is’ is incredibly easy – once you have a clear and highly vibrating energy field, the only thing to do next is ensure you are directing your soul energy through into your reality on a regular basis so that You not the world become the basis for your point of attraction – from here anything is possible (and even probable) the retrograde presents you with an opportunity to really make those dreams a reality


September is a month when you are being called to your power to claim and own your role as creator, it’s going to be easy to slip into old destructive patterns unless you have the knowledge support and techniques that mean it Will be different this time – for me I won’t hesitate to invest in myself and in my growth when it comes to serving others I know it’s the only way


We know it can feel easier to ‘wait and see’ but this won’t get you any further faster, if you are feeling spun out, tried out, efforted and stressed out we would advise waiting and seeing will only bring more – it just makes so much sense to USE your energy in a way that expands you and your world rather than contracting it


So phew that’s it I’ve got just 5 of these to offer and they’re yours, by skype to be used in the month of September – you get 1 hour with me where all our focus is on helping you to manifest the prosperity you deserve and manifest the HAPPINESS you deserve – how does it get any better than that ?

‘It doesn’t Sheelagh – not without I do something so sign me up I want to Manifest Abundance in so many way’s

1 x 1 hour clearing at £65





For now though we Truly and madly and deeply wish you a full hearted retrograde one where all your new beginnings are starting to flourish in wonderful expansive if not challenging ways – we sure believe it’s possible for you


With total belief in you


Sheelagh and your team









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