You Are The Empress Of Your Life

You are the centre of your world and likely the main cog of the worlds of others – yet it’s so easy to get affected by stories and energies which are not yours – if your an empath being with certain people drags you down, & however much certain subjects are perceived – your interactions will not always be graceful


The Empress is the female ruler of the family the home and all she sees – she is both loving and nurturing yet also wise and strong and will act with a strong will if need be – she brings forth the divine feminine with the powerful focus of self – yet so often we can become affected by the worlds of others imploding onto ours


Ruling your world with love allows your energy to be the deciding factor in what evolves next – forget the Law Of Attraction – faking it till you make it – think in stead of growth evolution and grace


When you are relying on your feelings to be what comes in – yet you are affected by those with lack mentalities or high stress levels you can literally feel your well honed point of attraction slipping away – we are asking you to rule ‘all of your subjects’ be they business, money relationships or your body ‘through the energy of love’


So what’s Love Got To Do With It?


Everything – everything comes from the void of energy made up of source – which is at it’s epi centre love  – yet what if your trying to deal with or evolve a situation which you really ‘don’t love or feel love ‘?



3 Ways For Your Inner Empress To Create Loving Outcomes


  1. A monarch rules, but weighs up all the pro’s and con’s – stays as detached as possible and surveys new information as it comes in through the eye of strategy only moving the next piece into play as it’s required – this allows the atoms to receive no resistance from you and will no matter the circumstance take on a calmer more consistent tone meaning if you carry on ‘observing and surveying’ over the coming weeks and months your neutrality will show up as outcomes showing themselves as fair and equal
  2. Enlist the support of your subjects – by this we mean the people around you – even if you don’t see eye to eye with them or they naturally have expectations that are draining or complex to fulfill start ‘handing back the role to them’ Ask them what they think and be open instead of dismissing it, ask them what they would do in your shoes, you don’t need to act as they say but the very fact you are giving them responsibility shifts things it means it’s not just ‘your job’ to manifest something or heal them it’s a shared energy – often they will naturally defer to you – which means you get to move forward with less resistance
  3. Make a law – by this we mean make a decision that it Will evolve that your business Will improve that your relationship Will flourish you expect it decide it commit to it and refuse to see anything but movement, shifts and changes as things move forth – what you decide is what must be – yet sometimes in the short term the Universe can hear you wavering and wondering and worrying and simply relays this back to you – so making a decision and seeing everything that happens of being ‘of no importance right now’ and simply turning your awareness to the subjects that do deserve your Royal Appraisal things in a matter of days and normally as short as two weeks will shift – you are a sovereign after all and what you decides goes – and comes!



Sometimes though it’s hard being in charge – sometimes you just need to know that your on the right track and we would Love to support you – after all the best Monarch trusts her advisors and her generals – your guides understand sometimes the responsibility gets too much and you’d like some help especially because this empress is really going to be making a difference in the world with her gifts and purpose


‘We want to help you know your on the right path and to remove a few obstacles standing in your way – we’re offering you a one hour clearing and reading with the guides for just £59 for one week only’  


You will receive


  • A one hour reading using tarot, channelling and my connection to spirit on all topics that concern you
  • A HUGE discount just for your Royal Self
  • A ten minute clearing as part of our hour together on one subject
  • We Can clear business, relationships and money blockages
  • Check your client niche your soul path your gifts etc
  • Receive peace of mind that all is well your royal highness

(please note I only have limited availability for week of 23 October bookings will be made as soon as possible but can be banked or saved for 3 calendar months only one reading per person your recording will be available for five days only and all readings take place in Uk time through Zoom)

‘Yes Please I need help with my business my relationship or my money please help Sheelagh ‘
‘In order for one to change ones world – we must allow ourselves to see the potential in all things, even if we do not know how or when – we decide because of our innate worth that only love and abundance can reign and it must be so’



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