The Energy Of May – Magic And Momentum




Welcome to May – most of you will be finding that you are both urged to act – and step back – the energies are very forward moving and yet insisting and demanding that we slow down, a paradox if ever there was one


My guides as I tuned into this months ‘newsletter’ said to me that the 4th dimension is nearly shut, and it’s going to have quite a powerful affect on many people who are currently struggling



We have heard about the retrograde and the many dances this will make us do in our lives, but the truth is the energy has been there since February – for me I will share my private story


It has become clear that there are some partnerships that can no longer be maintained, with some family members and friends, and yet it has also been made perfectly clear how much more potent my own manifesting ability is, in short my guides showed me in no uncertain terms when I have a thought it can manifest within days …..


They also showed me personally i must be true to my souls path, and that attempts to make progress away from this to duplicate or copy the interests of others that ‘passed me by’ would not at any level bring contentment and success – in fact for me personally they made me slow down so I could channel in a deeper way and bring forth new healing systems to clear my clients blocks and challenges


So back to You …….May is a month of change and transformation this means different things to different people but what I’m getting as a strong message is this


  • You will see where you have been trying to avoid getting stuck – and in truth if you haven’t been able to make progress you may – for a time Feel stuck
  • You will be faced with situations that Must change – inside you this doesn’t mean berating yourself for still being scared, it also doesn’t mean berating your circumstances where they feel like they’ve gotten worse, it means slowing Right down, going within and understanding all those painful worrying areas are mirrors to energies in you, this dear one is where you need to go backwards for a short time in order to go forwards
  • Past lives are going to be challenging you – a lot of your fears and inability to trust are from lifetimes where you have been slavery, imprisoned even put to death for speaking or living your truth in some way

uphill path


Now we want you to now this to empower you to slow down what we mean by this is simple – if you need things to change you must first face them then accept them to heal them – it’s the ONLY way you can for once and for all stop the constriction.


The uphill path that is one that is taken slowly, and with care, it is recognizing that to move up is needed and of course it would be easier to stay where you are, only sooner or later your heart will be crying out for joy, ease and security – the only way you get there is by being prepared rather than forced and pushed to walk slowly up.


I mentioned Magic and I’ll get to this in just a moment, all of the above sounds a little heavy, but you’ve been walking with this baggage for a long (long) time and it’s now time for those of you that haven’t been able to – to set yourself free – there are several ways of doing this




The Woo:


May is Also a month of opportunities if you are prepared to act and that is how you set down your baggage and move up the path into what’s waiting for you ahead here are the ways you can turn this around for yourself 


  1. Clear the energy of your past lives, and this life so that you are able to know feel and sense what you need to do in certain areas next, a clearing gives you the chance to be rid of these perspectives for once and for all they also allow you to relax knowing that now – you truly have the chance the get that fresh start
  2. Connect to your angels – they literally surround you and are dying to step in and help – of course you’ve likely been asking and feeling that your not getting anywhere and this can make your current circumstances even more difficult because you can begin to believe you really are by yourself – but connecting to your angels is easy and you don’t need special skills to do it once you know when you are connected then you are away, help is always just a sentence away
  3. Take some time out for you – this sounds like the worst thing to do especially if you are low on cash and strapped for time, but here’s the thing, your energy gets so depleted by stress energy anxiety as a vibration is really disruptive to any kind of manifesting work and then everything just continues to spiral, no amount of hoping (if you don’t have the energy to believe) is going to make any difference whatsoever – taking some time out for you once even twice a week – and we do mean for you, not with your husband or with your baby, but FOR YOU and WITH YOU to ‘play’ this may mean playing with angel cards, having a long hot soak in the bath and letting your kids fend for themselves for an hour, or booking yourself a massage when you REGUARLY have ‘play energy’ in your aura your energy starts to soften and even out, and like a ‘base’ beat, it begins to emit a much more consistent tone to the universe something that trying to think happy thoughts if your not really there doesn’t make any difference with
  4. Use energy tools to clear and heighten your energyput simply if you are not grounded into the earth, if you have cords from other people if you have picked up ‘thought forms’ from your co workers you won’t be able to attract positive change – learning some basic energy tools really allows you to begin to change how you feel emotionally, how you think, and therefore how you perceive where you are 
  5. Be prepared to admit where you truly need assistance and despite misgivings ‘get it’ – the third dimension is only going to get more compacted by the evidence that you have manifested, it’s really clear that you need to identify the ‘why’ so that you can change the ‘how’ so this is spirits message to you that if you are having continued issues in an area of your life now IS the time to ask for help, it may be that you feel embarrassed or feel the help won’t make much difference, but if you are reading this the truth is that you have a spiritual/curious nature anyway and therefore understand that at your base you are an energetic being emitting a frequency – if you haven’t been able to change that frequency by yourself by now – then this is your loving alarm that you really may require a little guidance to help get you back on track
  6. Decide To Work With The Fairies  =  now before you think i have lost the plot let me share this with you – until you have some lighter energies in your auric field nothing is going to improve no matter what action you take, get some flowers, get some walks in around plants and trees and invite these light loving beings to come and be on your team, they are excellent at helping you to find novel ways around things, and they can support you in making small changes that add up to big transition – they often appear as sparks of light out of the corner of your eye, but they are there and they can help with matters of abundance, love and play



So we have shared that May is all about slowing down on what you will not look at, to understand what you MUST now learn – and also taking those steps that are long over due to allow real change to come in


On a final note it’s really simple to create change, you have to decide what ‘beingness’ you want to ‘receive’ throughout your life in all areas and choose to ‘be that’ no matter the opposition – now in the beginning opposition is what you will have as what you are being you cannot be except in the presence of that which you are not so if you have been trying to change your reality and evidence is showing up to the opposite this part is for you ‘ You have to go through the evidence for it to disappear but you are on the right track’ there always IS light at the end of the tunnel – in fact lovely, Light is all there is.


We are now offering personal clarity calls for any issue that you need help with – please note these aren’t readings but are for those people looking to develop their gifts or step into their life purpose the coaching i offer is all about


  • Learning to understand and live your life purpose
  • Learning to channel angels and star beings through speech
  • Learning to channel healing through the angels
  • Learning to  read energy remotely
  • Learning to read for others either professionally or personally
  • Learning to read auras/past lives/energy fields
  • Learning to develop your ability to become a professional intuitive
  • Learning to work with your own guides and angels


If you are looking for change but want someone to do it for you our final message is this – YOU are that person and wherever you are wishing or hoping for a quick fix – again that is slowing down and taking ‘real world’ action so that the beings in the ‘other worlds can help you


Wishing you much Love magic and of course always momentum

Sheelagh and your team



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