Essential Equinox Survival Tips




So many people right now are feeling like they want to push but are being pulled in different directions – the Spring Equinox energy wakes you shakes you and it can feel like you’ve been ‘spat out’ and you’re not sure quite ‘what just happened’ nor are you sure if you can deal with ‘what’s about to go down’



Let me share my tale, after being told by spirit very clearly I must not over extend myself, I went through an upgrade (that feels and looks like a downgrade to the untrained eye) and am in the middle of nursing a sore throat chakra and expanding heart centre – now to anyone who knows me already knows I give a lot, but this energy is expanding for ‘me’ and the same dear soul is happening for you.


You see ‘it’s all for you’ yes the trials and the lessons, the hiccups and the disruption is all about creating a space where you no longer pretend that everyone elses needs are more important than your own, you can’t do that any more and will get wiped out if you try.


Now serving yourself, is also serving others, and if you are serving ‘the right people’ when you serve them you will feel energised, refreshed, alive and ready to take on the next step for you.  If however you are serving those that are not doing their own growing, you will feel depleted, despondent and even feeling as though you have to do or be more visible for the effects of this depletion to change -not so say spirit to you loudly



When we go through a shift it is common too:


  • experience a gap between where we are and where other people ‘get us’
  • find that clients ask for more than you can give and you have a clear awareness that god bless them this time you don’t want to give them more
  • feel the foundations that you ‘hoped’ (but sensed were not) secure start to shake and make you feel whirly and anxious
  • Have sudden financial challenges where everything feels up in the air


Now – when all of this is ‘going on’ it’s easy to feel like you are doing something wrong, should be doing something more, or need to make more amends to keep people happy – spirit are saying clearly here that would prevent the rewards from being able to come in – in short this is what you Should be focusing on ‘right about now’


pink heart


  • Don’t try and do it all at once – if the energy is disruptive and is showing you that certain goals are not in flow ‘just yet’ fighting against this and dodging the blips will only make you frustrated and take things longer to settle down – we strongly recommend if you find yourself ‘having one of those days’ that you recognize it for what it is – pushing at your time line – if it were ready like a baby it would happen accept the flow that’s there and go with it, it will pass sooner that way
  • Ask spirit for support, you may if like many of us lightworkers and intuitive s, be going through an upgrade (which as we mentioned before feels like a downgrade) and so you may not get the instant answers you would love – but asking for support and knowing you are doing just what your meant to be doing will really ‘oil the wheels of possibility’ a simple ‘team – please download me with 100% self love, keep my vibration at 8 or above – do whats needed to keep me there, and help me know what I need to do when thanks guys’ will really help
  • Many of you right now are feeling an urge to ‘do more and be more’ and either the resources that you would like may not have shown up yet (the course or the mentor ) or the knowledge you need may not be a match for your energy yet – for example I am going to be advertising a new course in a wider way, but I know that I’m not even to look at this for two weeks, me trying to send out feelers now would just results in a bunch of dead frustrating ends ‘listen to the energy’ yes you are seeing ‘hints of what will be’ but if you are meant to act right now you will have the money (and the time and the inclination to invest in yourself) if it doesn’t feel easy and smooth, then it’s for another time not for ‘right now
  • Spring brings out the best and the worst in people – my dog for example is a hairy sweetheart – she is so loving and joyful and – well darn bouncy like a kangaroo, the spring makes her want to ‘do it all at once’ and literally to holding her back is challenging, the spring is about birth reorganization and yes renegociation, not everyone is going to see things the way you do, people are on edge, ready to dive into something new but also a little wary of anything that hasn’t come from their choice making or energy, so be patient with people and let your projections out in your breath
  • Some people will be coming into your experience over the next few weeks and yes darling – some are leaving, these may be friends, people that you rubbed along with for a while even clients, and when they Do leave a part of you will feel that fear, that place where ‘what now nothing happening’ – spirit is asking you to be as patient with the universe as you are being asked to be with yourself, nothing leaves if nothing is coming and everything does strart evolve and end it’s a fact and dance of life, the new Will come in but first you have to have the grace to let the old go, even if the other people are feeling they have a darn good reason to go (and that may be in their eyes your fault) don’t get attached to what people say or feel, don’t be attached to anything – honour everyone above all your own energy at this time

snow drop


In order for the new to come in the Most important thing is that you have the energy and the space to receive it, this means meditation clearing your energy field, doing what you love not for the outcome but for the joy of doing it and living in the day you are with without judging it as bad, difficult it is in fact ‘just today’


Making space means you are aware that you are not aware of what comes next, and you are okay with that


As a medium, clairvoyant and channel i love to channel my angels and guides on what helps You to stay in your flow, we love to give you ‘sneak peaks’ into what is coming so much so that for the week of April 11th i will be bringing out a super special course for you to connect with Your Angels and guides from the comfort of your own home, it’s going to be easy to follow, short, sweet and powerful, just like you perfect in all ways


For now though i wanted to reassure you that nothing is truly ‘wrong’ new beginnings come in after a labour and release of the old, we are in the final stages of purging this week and next week, honour yourself your story and your energy and all my dear will be truly well.


Sending you streams of love and light

Sheelagh and your team

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