Everybody Hurts – From Your Guides.


This is true – everyone hurts sometimes – and when you feel like crying if your lucky you will  – I say that because it’s good to let go, and we all need to let go


This weekend I cried twice once for the son I no longer see

and once for the daughter I now see a lot less of

but i do not hurt for them I hurt for me – for what I Think I have lost – what I perceive I do not have & that is why ‘it hurts’ but once you let go, you stop fighting the emotion of self pity *as unattractive as it is you become one with grace and that’s when the Divine Steps in …..


These were the kindest eyes I could find, eyes that understand don’t try to make us feel better, don’t ‘chivvy us out of our now place’ eyes that love us accept us just as we are just where we’re at – but this is what YOU need to do ‘for you’


What you Cannot do is

  • Change him – if he were more spiritual, more solvent, more loving Then you would be ‘a okay’ together
  • Change Them – if only people responded to your offers, your challenges your message
  • Change ‘it’  – your locale, your business – your finances your body etc


But what you Can do is Let go and Grow



This dew drop Is going to fall – however we don’t have to get up and ‘shake the branch’


Your Mind has no idea of what you are potentially capable of because you are conditioned to control, and in the very act of control you are defining and therefore limiting what comes next – things Will evolve if you allow them too


Are you creating or controlling ?

A Creator plays, chooses, decides experiments curiously allowing matter to form experiences to be felt emotions to be dark as well as light a creator is always allowing themselves to be in the dark and perversely enjoys only a speck of light because it is so much brighter A creator allows their feelings to be felt dark and light but also takes steps when Source Guides them and in doing so creates and chooses anew


A controller tries to be something to Get something – and is ‘trying to make energy do what they hope it will’ and you may get a little trickle but your going to be exhausted by the effort


Your Guides want you to create, to choose, to allow and yes to feel, to smile but also to hurt to cry and to let go – let grace take you forth



The Most Succesful People On Earth Don’t Need Anything Because They Realise They Are Everything – when you know this and don’t measure it with how many figures your earning, or how many ‘likes’ your getting your souls energy will touch base with those that ‘need what you know’ and will draw them towards you easily, effortlessly and in ‘divine timing


Are you ready to allow your light to shine ? Are you ready to create not control ? Then me and The Guides or should I say YOUR guides are waiting ……

‘Soulfire’ explores your light, your passions, your challenges and your purpose in alignment with your Souls Truth

6 weeks of authentic loving coaching with me and your guides focused on your most expansive self


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