Falling Foul Of Fear…..Left Field….




So I am always preaching and teaching about feeling the fear and doing it anyway and yet for me this weekend something occurred that was – interesting….my own auric field got ungrounded due to fear……



I am a mother to four lovely charismatic children, and when my son was born well he was dying, he is now 10 and really healthy. ┬áSomething occurred this weekend that brought up that same ‘sick’ feeling within me, and I told myself it was all okay, that I had it down pat and assured my loving husband that ‘I was being positive’ – the truth was that my energy had gotten entangled with karmic energy, soul mate energy and good old world energy and presented me with a situation that could have gotten out of control.


You see, when we are in the middle of something, processing it, thinking about it, feeling our way through it we often are so ‘up to the elbows’ in it that we don’t notice other types of energy seeping in and ┬ábacking up the exits. ┬áNaming those energies is only useful if you plan to Do something about them so you can get on with dealing with what you need too.


Back to my story…..


Without going into the circumstance – I felt as if ‘an axe’ was hanging over me, even though it was nothing to do with me personally. ┬áI felt as if every positive thought I ‘attempted’ was whacked down by around 15 heavier ones, and then when my arse was firmly sat upon the floor I couldn’t get any traction to get up again – exhausting.




Spirit made it clear to me

  • I needed to ground my energy asap – again and again
  • I needed to do Nothing but be in this moment
  • I needed to get my energy back
  • Then I needed to identify What energy was present in my aura
  • Then I needed to clear it
  • Then I needed to protect myself against it

Before I could do┬áanything┬áto change the situation I needed to waste no more energy thinking about what if’s or going there mentally, I needed to do all of the above in order of sequence for spirit to help. ┬áPeople often ask me what I do well i can share this with you gladly


  • I imagined a grounding cord coming out of my first chakra and took it down into the ground
  • I asked to see the ‘area concerned’ (we have 9 different areas, relationship, family, career and so on)
  • I asked to see the level of vibration in the area concerned which was family as it happens
  • I asked to see the TYPE of energy in the area concerned which was karmic and soul mate
  • I asked to be protected from any more of this
  • I cleared it using my own tools




Now it would be lovely truly lovely if this is the result straight away – it wasn’t and isn’t – yet but i did feel heaps better – i was able to see that I had gotten completely ungrounded and this had allowed more of that energy to come in from other sources. ┬áI now felt calm, tired, but also aware that nothing had actually manifested I was just ‘en route’ to manifesting it if I hadn’t caught myself early. ┬áI also realised very quickly that this energy would have spread from my family ‘field’ or area to my money area, my own health area and even my relationship area – it can take as little as 24 hours.


48 hours on I am still working my way through this situation and maybe for a few weeks to come, yet the family members concerned need me to be grounded, powerful, clear and high so i can clear their health area, their money areas their career areas, I’m unable to do that for ‘them’ if i haven’t done it for me.


Some tips to prevent falling foul of your fear

  1. You know what fear is a part of life, yet letting it get in the way of living your life is no good at all, ensure you are aware of what being ungrounded means and how it affects you – being ungrounded means you may try to think positive thoughts but won’t be able to really keep it up for any length of time. ┬áIt also means that other areas of your life become ungrounded and before you know it you are overwhelmed on many fronts. ┬áGet yourself a stone or a rock and hold it in your hands and breath ‘into it’ with your eyes open, it calms your nerves, stops your anxiety in your tracks and literally takes the ‘fizz’ out of the aura
  2. You may not have an ‘instant answer’ for that problem – honestly it won’t solve itself whilst your looking at it, go do anything else the most mundane boring jobs are perfect walk your rabbit, etc
  3. Don’t go into what you ‘cant’ do – you may not have an instant clearing tool without you are a healer but you do have your common sense, focus on what you can do what you have already done and leave the rest for tomorrow
  4. Take care of your energy – even if other people are falling apart and may appear to be comforted if you do too, tired people just = tired people it doesn’t equal any kind of help or response and anything you manifest from this place won’t be of any use either
  5. Get some outside help if this has gone on for more than a few days or a week, if your perspective of the situation isn’t improving then a session with a professional may help you. ┬áWhether it’s a doctor, debt counsellor, healer or psychic make sure you get your energy in a calm place before you seek them out, any professional will be aware of where you are and will try not to react to it, but the advice they give you is only going to be as good as the receptive mode you are in
  6. Lavender oil is wonderful for calming you down and putting it on your wrists (as long as you cannot be pregnant) really helps
  7. Taking some time to focus upon the breath always helps, we say white for heightening, gold for creating, pink for love, orange for purpose and blue for clarity literally imagine breathing it in and down ‘away’ into the earth

Finally if you really would like some help in turning the corner, then contact me about my healing sessions we work on a purely energetic basis and will literally clear the soul mate, karmic, anti spirit or world energy out of your business, relationship, home, body or spiritual or family area, from then your path is clear


Wishing you much clarity and keeping your balls IN your field and not left of it


Sheelagh and Michael


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