Fed Up Of Sh**t Hitting The Fan? Then This is for you – your abundance settings




Here in the UK last week the Sh**t hit the proverbial fan like ‘big time’ and I’m afraid I payed it no attention and I committed the cardinal sin of the working female – I didn’t use my vote


Now my daughter is a succesful news journalist who has very strong opinons on this – but the reason I avoided the polling station across from my country cottage is simple and straight -what goes on ‘out there’ doesn’t have to affect you ‘in here’ put simply I tend to my own garden, weeding it nurturing it, watering it and my plants grow beautifully even if there’s a storm raging outside – my story isn’t affected by the energy of others any longer



So let me be straight I’m not smug – for years I had other coaches who although beautiful would put locks on my energy, I had other clairvoyants (even clients training with me ) that would send their energies my way and I would get riddled with entities in my money area and also in my career area, my business itself would become ungrounded and I’d know within hours that nobody could see me – this was a blessings because each time I worked with some of the industries best and received training on how to protect myself from these onslaughts, I also received powerful techniques from my guides on how to work with my abundance settings so that my own personal flow remained open even when those around me were going through their own shifts


I’d love to share some of what is going on in your spiritual anatomy – and how this can work for you or against you


Your Abundance Anatomy


  1. Your vortex referred to by the infamous Abraham is just 3 inches above your head – but it’s contents can only flow into you if your abundance settings are ‘on’ and you are following your pre life plan manifesting against what was agreed is a waste of energy



2. ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†People that are resentful envious or feel challenged by you or what you offer can place locks on your energy – this can mean that despite your best efforts to be positive new clients, opportunities and even what was meant for you can suddenly turn sour and overnight ‘stop’


3. ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†You can increase the amount of money you can receive within as little as 5 minutes – you have the ability to manifest as a ‘high earner’ instead of a ‘working class earner’ when these are changed within your abundance anatomy


4. ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† Karma or energies from your mother and fathers line can carry beliefs into your system such as ‘I must work hard to receive money’ or ‘I shouldn’t move above my station’ even ‘This is the best it can get ‘ are all common beliefs that families can send through their female line especially – left unchecked these become true blocks meaning no amount of thinking nice thoughts can counteract them – they are still active like silent movies in your energy field


5.         You have a 20th chakra which opens communication with your guides, you have abundance chakras and you can even speed up or slow down your time line in terms of abundance coming and debt being resolved (we say resolved rather than disappear because we are down to earth) all of these chakras have personal settings ideal for you and if your settings have been tampered with my entities you can experience the following


6. ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†Some people feel that if your vibration is high enough attachments can’t affect you – I have not found this to be the case, I have seen it where things have been moving along beautifully and suddenly business stops, self esteem drops and arguments happen with those you love, usually if it’s sudden you have some attachments that have gotten into your chakra system or even some attachments that have hopped over from those who are struggling around you – these beings cause havoc in your career relationship and business areas and usually there is a feeling of hopelessness accompanying any attempts to improve the situation like we say thinking happy thoughts helps but it’s not enough on it’s own



But don’t worry all of these things can be rectified¬†permanently¬†in my new course ‘I Love Abundance’ which¬†doesn’t just give you a one off clearing but a abundance routine that is unique to you – this comes out in just 5 days – for now though enjoy this simple message which gives you a tip to use to increase your flow pretty much instantly




The energies over the next two weeks are powerful and now is the time for you to accept the challenge that your soul has given you and Do something about what challenges you – will you continue to be at the mercy of what goes on ‘out there’ or will you create and put something new into motion?


We are rooting for you – i know it can be scary to do something you’ve never done ¬†indeed trusting someone you’ve never met with your energy is a big step that’s why I’m opening up 3 chats to see if we can support you with my new powerful services here are what some of my other clients have said about them


Sunayana Clark London :

I came across Sheila via another group on Facebook and was immediately impressed by her confidence and positivity. I FB “stalked” her for a few months before taking the plunge of working with her.

In April I took part in her Spiritpreneurs course. The course was chock full of information. She spoke for 90 minutes each week teaching us how to clear our energy and increase our abundance. And boy did it! I went from having 1 or 2 clients per month to 8 the following month! My Reiki courses became fully booked. My sense of optimism, abundance and my ability to manifest has increased 10 fold.

Thank you Sheila for sharing your knowledge and gifts. You make a difference. ??

From Evie In Liverpool : ¬†‘Sheelagh I was desperate when I found you, my boyfriend doesn’t have a steady job, and I have two children to support he has kids to support too. ¬†I was feeling out of my depth and was looking for someone to tell me it was going to be okay, you did more than that you refused to predict for me but you showed me how to clear myself and how to open up my abundance centres, my hairdressing business is really busy now and he has got himself a part time job the pressure is off so grateful to you’


From Joyce in California: ‘ Sheelagh I thought it was too good to be true you see all these promises and usually you are tempted because you are desperate – I needed help with my finances because my divorce is dragging on – you helped me to maximise my appreciation of what I had and your team highlighted how I can use my gifts to earn extra money, but more than that you confirmed what I thought that I’m a healer and I will be supported because I’m here to help = I’ve met a lovely man and my money situation has evened out thank you so much!’





‘I Love Abundance’ isn’t a quick fix = YOU WILL be opened to abundance permenantly¬†

  • 3 1 to 1 sessions with me to clear your abundance field forever
  • an abundance routine channeled by spirit with your needs in mind
  • soul mate healing which affects your flow or information about your life purpose
  • Powerful healing video which clears you more every time you watch it
  • Weekly abundance reading for you personally
  • Guidance from your guides weekly
  • Weekly archangelic infusion of abundance straight into your aura And the aura of your business


This course has a value of over ¬£599 but for the first 3 I’m offering this to you at a reduced rate to ‘test it out’ of just ¬£300 and it comes in two payments if you need this option


bonus : Life Purpose Reading if you choose the one payment option of £299


abundant woman


I haven’t launched this course yet – and I’m anticipating a large sign up as it’s going out nationally in facebook adverts etc but if you are already feeling like this is something you need – then contact me and we can arrange a chat to see if we are a fit because this is a personal course and not a progamme for many people it’s vital that i am the right person to support you so do get in contact if you are feeling a strong ‘yes’ in your heart I’m only taking on 3 people in July for this course at the moment


For now though we wish you magic and miracles


Sheelagh and your ever loving team

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