Five Calls From Spirit – With Archangel Gabriel




I get so many people saying to me they want to move forward – but they are not sure if it’s right for them. ¬†As I sat to write this Archangel Gabriel joined me and asked to to share with you the top 5 ways that you can tell if spirit is calling to you to do something new.


‘Spirit’ is a generic term consisting of your guides, your angels, your loved ones, your higher self, and many other loving light beings who are urging you onwards and outward. ¬†They see our ‘real lives’ as a series of opportunities to grow, and they understand that when faced with a challenge or an impasse it is easy to stop and scratch our heads – especially if the options available to you right now don’t feel easy or particularly beneficial.


Our delicate auric fields can be swamped by different energies that make even the clearest person stop an wonder ‘wtf…..!’ and some of these are designed to test you to see if you have what it takes to go to the next level. ¬†That doesn’t sound ‘fair’ but remember you charted a path for yourself ‘with these energies in them’ so that the challenges would test you making your success even more joyful! ¬†We can be affected by ‘world energies, empathic energies, soul mate energies, karmic energies and even our own energies.


Gabriel is sharing today how not in spite of those circumstances (which feel like complete blocks and very good reasons to give up the ghost on your goals) spirit ‘are’ calling you forward. ¬†Here’s how you can tell


1. No matter how difficult it is or has been or you expect it to be – giving up on a particular goal is just Not something you can do. ¬†Now this may be a¬†marriage, (we’re not talking clinging on by your finger nails) a business, a hobby or perhaps just a way of life. ¬†If at soul level it is meant for you your desire ‘for that outcome’ only gets stronger even if you are feeling jaded and tired at times. ¬†Spirit is letting you know by ‘fanning that desire’ that in this life the journey was part of the reason you chose this theme, rather than the result. ¬†They want you to know you are already succesful and it’s just your perception of success and how it ‘would feel when you have it’ that needs to change.


2. When you ‘do’ normal routine stuff around your loved ones, your heart and mind is somewhere else, and you see examples of what you would love to have in the lives of other people –¬†again we are not talking about ‘the man from accounts’ we are talking about spirit drawing your attention to what you should be moving towards if it isn’t ‘this topic’ it’s the fact that you are playing small and it is truly time to expand your world. ¬†You may have good reasons not too, such as the fact your husband won’t get ‘it’ or your friends will think you’ve gone loopy, but still you just Wish that this was something that was a part of your life. ¬†Spirit is showing you that it is charted for you, but yes it is likely you have to go against the comfort zones you put in place to ‘keep safe’ in order to expand your consciousness, when you expand your consciousness that’s when you are able to receive the knowledge or the opportunities but first you have to make that uncomfortable leap of faith.


3. You feel as if things just keep cropping up, your kid gets sick, your car goes belly up, your gas bill is huge, then you twist an ankle then your mum has a drama and so on and so forth, –¬†this is your world getting smaller because you were supposed to expand some time ago. ¬†Many people try their hardest to keep things ‘the same’ and then become fearful and compressed when things continue to evolve. ¬†This is a ‘missed turning’ from spirit and they are asking you to look at the energy of your life, the so called disruption is like a child crying out for attention, all your soul wants you to do is grow, in fact if people resoloutely will NOT grow they will experience so much compression life can become really challenging. ¬†It’s important if this is going on for you not to go into ‘self pity’ or feeling ‘punished’ spirit loves you so much and more than anything wants the process to be as gentle as possible. ¬†You may not feel that you have the energy for major changes, though I’m told to warn you major changes WILL happen if you ignore all the small calls to action. ¬†Spirit is asking you with complete awareness of how challenging it can be by this point, to make small changes where you can such as going to yoga, meditating, putting in better boundaries with those that drain you, all of things things send a strong message to the universe that things are beginning to shift and you will find that as you do this the conflict and compression begins to lessen


4. ¬†You feel time has speeded up. ¬†You become aware of the months rolling by faster than before you become aware¬†that you are feeling tired but also restless, you feel as if more is being asked of you by those around you and some days your mind feels fried. ¬†spirit saying you are spending too much time tending to the small stuff and your souls purpose is awaiting you, you need to literally slow the pace down yourself so that what messages have ‘backed up’ can begin to filter in to your auric field and then into your consciousness. ¬†Your soul sends you emails and texts all the time and if we are so busy ignoring them but a soul growth deadline is coming up (to the next level not death) then your soul begins to speed time up around you to try and get your attention, often you can end up being burnt out if you are refusing to hear the message, and normally people know there IS a message. ¬†This may be a sudden injury or illness, or something around you happening to STOP you and make you look at what’s going on.


5. You start seeing numbers, signs and even books on a topic that interests you. ¬†You start seeing posts on social media that catch your eye and seem to talk to you in a way they hand’t before you even start having dreams where you are already doing this work¬†this is something that happens when spirit know there is a lack of confidence about trying something new and yet your team know how good at this you would be, for many light workers who have led a very logical pragmatic life it may be an introduction to someone that peaks an interest that they never knew they had. ¬†You are paying attention to energetic nudges that have been pre arranged by your team, and those nudges are saying to you ‘yes you have the message can we move this along now please ‘ some of the most talented ‘would be’ clairvoyants and channels and healers have said to me – ‘ i was told i was a healer’ well being told it but not DOING anything about it is pointless, please Gabriel says listen to the nudges an DO something about it that is the whole point of you being here.


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With love and miracles

Sheelagh and your team

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