Free Channelling Evening With Archangel Michael Just For You



Hello beautiful soul how are you today?


I am feeling wonderful as working with Archangel Michael helps me in so many ‘real life’ ways

I love this immensely powerful angel working through me so much that he has asked me to make his guidance available to you for a very special event – and best news ever it’s free!


An Evening With Archangel Michael’ happens on monday February 15th at 6pm uk time and I have just 8 spaces – though I will be taking questions from my list and putting them to Michael and making these available as a recording for you


Channeling┬áliterally changes your life – when you have that amount of ‘heavenly energy’ coming through you everything in your life from your money to your relationships starts to transform and heighten, and it also awakens your other spiritual gifts


Please let me know by return if you would love to enjoy this event on Monday February 15th at 6pm uk time 

Now you are welcome to send in a question for the channelling evening of a ‘universal nature’ ie not personal readings if you are not interested in the live channel, but if you are wanting a seat on the live channel then you will need to be available for the live call – it takes up places that others can use thank you


I am so excited to be able to share this event with you, and Michael is willing to channel for you on any topic such as


  • How to clear your blocks to hearing/feeling/ seeing spirit
  • How to clear your blocks to abundance and success
  • How to know if you are with your soulmate/twinflame
  • How to attract said soulmate/twinflame
  • How to heal complicated family issues
  • Universal matters such as unrest/civil war
  • Abundance and career success
  • Spiritual ability development and blocks

Michael is offering this as an opportunity for anyone who really wants to learn ‘how to’ do things for themselves rather than ‘someone telling you how to do it’


The places are on a first come first serve basis, but if you would like a replay please do get in touch

With immense love and magic

Sheelagh and Michael



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