hello beautiful one I really hope your doing well and are safe – but I do know so many are really challenged right now, and yet the world doesnt stop turning despite our pain or trauma and we can all use some tlc


Over at Spirit Centre & my mentorship school I have some Incredibly talented Psychics, Trance Channellers & good old fashioned mediums who along with myself every friday now from 11th March onwards are going to be learning how to deepen their mediumship skills


As a medium of over 15 years myself, not a day goes by when I am not reuniting someone with a lost loved one, a pet, a guide or even their twin – and I know myself the difference it makes when you ‘know they are safe & watching over you’ as you carry on


For this reason, I am looking for beautiful souls that would like some reassurance and guidance from thier guides and loved ones in spirit & at the same time i can gaurantee that my students are willing and capable of delivering what you need  – this is a FREE opportunity for anyone who would like to benefit, so it must be stated i do not Promise  mediumship will be forthcoming, and i cannot promise which or indeed if any of my students will make the call, I myself will be there and I will be doing demonstrations, giving guidance and leading activations and attunements for mediumship for those that are part of Spirit Centre or who are mentoring with me in a professional capacity – so if you DO decide you;d like to nominate a loved one we would need a photograph and your permission for my students to attempt connection – as this is free we would not promise that it would happen On that friday as i cannot make people attend if they have other plans it is a community of loving mediums and empaths who love to give when they are able but like me it is very relaxed

Please know that your loved ones ARE around you without fail – my own mum likes to light candles in my reading room when there are no matches or even lighters around and she tells me clearly that they NEVER stop checking up on you, though she just loves to be nosy!


Also if you are wanting to develop your mediumship my mentorship is at an all time amazing price of just £399 for four intensive loving weeks of activation, opportunities to do different types of readings for people you’v e not met and of course an opportunity to receive readings about your life from your guides through me -this price WILL be going up on my return from America in April you can find details here https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/Mystichick?ref=seller-platform-mcnav


Mediumship is a privelage and very often people Never develop their gifts because they fear being wrong and looking a fool, I can’t tell you how many people Ive seen NOT develop because their ego told then they are not allowed to get it wrong, the way I teach mediumship I normally have people connecting to spirit within a few sessions because i teach Heart Centered Empathic Mediumship under the Gaze of Archangel Michael


if you have WANTED to be a medium but don’t know where to start come have a chat with me about what your potential is and how we can help just message me here sheelaghmaria22@gmail.com

For now though once again i urge you to look after yourself and your loved ones, and if you do need any support you can find me over at my website here https://www.sheelaghmaria.com/shop/


Sending you infinite waves of love

Sheelagh and your team

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