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Hello beautiful soul

How are you faring after the beginning of the Mercury Retrograde ?

For many sensitive souls it can feel as if you’ve reached a point that a new beginning is needed, yet perhaps you have no idea what that should be ? I’m seeing many intuitive people feel nothing is showing up as a new path, and they feel they’re waiting for ‘something to click’ – the Angels have told me you often need a little nudge here and there to realise a new path IS being offered – i would find it immensely hard if i didn’t feel those nudges when they came

Your Angels want you to know that however disruptive life may be, it is a sign that your new beginning Is here, are you able to sense what steps to take ?

If not, we may be able to help – for over a year now I have run my Psychic Membership Site which is different to ANY memberships I’ve seen because you get OODLES of PERSONAL readings and healings, and I’m going to be including some Exciting Psychic Classes over the next few weeks – if your on a budget or short of time, but would like Personal Psychic Readings each month, if you would like to ask me for Personal Psychic healing for Any life area each week then this is for you !


Over September and October I’ll be giving every Psychic Spirit club Member 2 personal psychic readings, weekly psychic healing on any topic, Plus These classes all for Just ┬ú25 a month! You don’t even need to be live to benefit because all the readings and healings are recorded for you to watch in your own time Sign Up Here┬áhttps://www.sheelaghmaria.com/psychic-spirit-club/┬á& receive your FIRST PERSONAL PSYCHIC READING this Thursday!


  • What Soul Group Are You From *& What Does That Mean ? ┬áSaturday September 17th 9am
  • Lifepath & Soulpath Colours Sat 1st October 9am
  • Who Is your Spirit Animal & What Are They Saying ? ┬áSaturday October 15th 9am

We understand right now with the cost of living crisis your money may be tight, but if like me you need something ‘just for you’ because your supporting and caring for others – this could be it

If you’d like to pick my brains please send me an email, our next Psychic Reading Evening where you can ask for a reading ON ANYTHING is Thursday 15th September so if you NEED help but can’t stretch to a lot you get ALL of this PLUS help THIS WEEK where you need it the most – all you do is sign up, and ill send you the link for the live class and the recording┬áhttps://www.sheelaghmaria.com/psychic-spirit-club/

Psychic Spirit Club is designed to support you Personally because no doubt you support everyone else, it’s loving, fun, magical and asks nothing from you


Hoping to see you on the inside

Love and sparkles

Sheelagh and The Angels

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