Frustration Stations – or Manifestation Location- From Your Forever Friends




SO i just spent the last week on a boat cruising the beautiful waterways of the Norfolk broads, it was gorgeous time with my beloved and family and time just for me – yet towards the end of the week I was literally gagging to be back home and ‘on with it’ – that is the next step for me and my spirit led business – but i noticed a couple of really interesting things


The compaction that spirit warned us about that would happen for people that will NOT expand is happening in very big ways and i am seeing people 


  • Thinking about expanding but then finding the fear getting too much and they step back to where it is perceived as being ‘safe’
  • Real life events catching up with them Forcing them to expand when they were hanging on by the finger nails
  • People using big words and phrases but doing absolutely sod all differently
  • Feeling so down and off kilter that they just can’t and daredn’t change a thing


Now none of this is ‘your fault’ but it is not going to get any better unless you do something – I have also found that old fears and frustrations came up for me and i was told by my guides ‘stay safe and small, or take that leap of faith and fly’ and I’m going to do that for me it means


  • Signing up with my mentor to do deep trance channelling
  • Putting my new offerings out there even though of course people are scared
  • Teaching my new clairvoyant healing course to those that are ready
  • Channeling in someones home and then public appearances in my local town


is it a risk – yes am i scared – yes will i go on and do it any way – YES!


frustrated woman


Right now the 3rd dimension is hitting us with what scares us – so you may feel like

  • You only want to do something that you are ‘sure’ is safe and going to help before you even try it
  • Just want to ‘hold fire’ and hope that someone (anyone) will tell you what to do – and even better do it for you
  • Just feel like giving up, going back to what was easy, and then find out even ‘that’ option isn’t available any more


This period of ‘compaction’ is a little like the time between having contractions with a baby, but before the pushing, really Really uncomfortable and you don’t know what to do with yourself, or telling that man or woman that you ‘like’ them only to be met with a really long, uncomfortable – …..pause it’s spirit telling me because that knot of fear in your belly, the frustration you are feeling in your solar plexus or the loss you feel ‘coming’ in your heart is exactly what you NEED right now – yes it’s not nice but it is necessary…..




Frustration Station Or Manifestation Location?


So this is how it used to work – you thought of something long enough with a fixed smile and a rigid ‘happy heart’ and looked for ‘is it (she/he/them/money etc) here yet ?’ Like a constipated ten year old – and you would get some of the signs and a bit of the ‘promised land’ but not all of it – and then sigh you pull yourself back up by the boot straps and do it all again……..


Now the 4th dimension is shut that will Not work – I’m not smug about it it’s far harder to ignore your issues any more but it’s also easier to manifest if you know bow in literal terms this means


  • you do need to understand what that energy in your body really is……..– you body is a barometer but it could well be stuck energy, anti spirit energy, cords, or even a karmic issue that needs clearing
  • you do need to know How to clear it – without you do your house keeping you’l have no space for what needs to be delivered
  • you do need to understand what your core energy is right now (such as frustration, or fear or doubt)
  • you do need to understand what your Soul level core energy ‘should be’ (such as enthusiasm, joy, pragmatism etc) so you know where you are working your way towards
  • you do need to understand what your soul – rather than your mind, wants you to learn ‘right now’
  • you do need to understand that this cycle Never Ever has to happen any more if you know the why and the what and then have tools for the ‘how’

Once you do the ‘math’ basically the compaction has to stop and expansion has to start, and it happens in a 5th dimensional way ie Soul Fed not mind led – in other words ‘frustration station’ is when Nothing CAN change because YOU haven’t changed

Manifestation Location is when you are using what’s rubbing up and nipping your ankles to pivot you forward





I’m  not going to tell you I have all the answers – I’m going to share with you how you can begin to get them for yourself …….here are a few simple steps *the best ones are that you can take right now to allow your mojo to come in 


  1. Accept that you are ready for it to change – but don’t stress over the how just make that choice – please it’s nothing you are doing wrong it’s something you haven’t understood yet, but being ready to understand it or being ready for it to change now – means stopping the struggle it really doesn’t have to keep getting smaller and harder lovely
  2. Ask yourself – how much would that change happening easily mean to you right now ?  Would you feel relief, freedom, joyful supported – is there a way that you know it ‘could’ change but perhaps you feel the price tag isn’t something you ‘should’ sign up for ?  Remember the Universe always helps those who help themselves but it’s got to come from you first …….
  3. Have a great Self Care routine no matter What is going down – this may mean meditation, healthful eating, lie ins on a sunday morning, treating yourself to flowers whatever this is UPGRADE it over the next few weeks – we get treated the way we treat ourselves so right now make sure that is your priority and you can’t afford ‘not to’
  4. So Meditation again, I am a gemini and I avoided meditation like the plague I now meditate every day twice – meditation can be any kind but don’t confuse it with trying to talk to your guides (and tying yourself up in knots when you do so) basically you should be switching off not switching on, it’s when our mind goes back to it’s highest calmest state – which is needed for manifesting
  5. Get out into fresh air – this naturally heightens our vibration but Also do something physical ‘for you’ this can be hoovering sweeping any’thing’ as long as you are happy and industrious whilst you do it not matryr like
  6. Make up your mind exactly how it needs to improve ‘short term’ what is the ‘least’ which would feel like things are improving for you – write it down ask your team to sort it then forget about it …..literally do nothing until you see or hear something that inspires you but then please take the bait



Saying ‘thank you’ literally changes the air around you, it changes the way your guides Can help you and it changes the way your loved ones feel ‘around you’ saying or feeling ‘thank you ‘literally opens you into a whole new time line


Mid Summer Magic Assistance


This week in the air of magic, miracles and new beginnings (along with all the compactions, distractions and disruptions) I’m going to be doing an off the cuff broadcast which I will post here around Wednesday I’ll be covering

  • How you can manifest life changing energy TODAY
  • The One thing The Fairies can help you with manifesting
  • The One message the angels have for you about your life purpose
  • The One activity that you need to do to boost your manifesting power
  • How your energy is either bringing your manifestations closer or sending them away
  • What you can do about this
  • What the Starbeings want you to know about the 5th dimension
  • Some magic and miracles that will open up the energy of possibility for you as a result of the call

I decided to do this because i am seeing people that cannot or do not feel that anything they can do ‘now’ will change what comes in, i want you to know that it IS up to you and the thought that you are any safer by doing nothing is the opposite of what will happen now, expansion is the most natural thing in the world, and even though it isn’t easy, there are resources out there for you to turn a corner


So even though you may be feeling frustrated, or elated, irritated or illuminated, even if you feel that you are perfectly on track or off in the woods without a clue this broadcast will help you


For now though I’m wishing you motivation to do something different in order to create something new


With love and miracles and total belief in you

Sheelagh and your team




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