Your Future Predicted In 2018


Are you looking at your Social Media Feed and feeling anything But inspired ? Perhaps despite all the affirming you know deep down that the only thing that’s changed is the date on the calendar ?

We understand how frustrating it can be not to know where to place your focus or how challenging it can be to move your awareness from ‘that’ because it’s so obviously an issue right now – but there is an easier way

The Archangels have guided me to do the heavy lifting for you Simply Look at the cards below into the eyes of the goddess and feel which Goddess is asking you to stop ……and listen


Card 1 is Kali – Endings & Beginnings

Your Predictions Are As Follows

  • Needing To Reluctantly Admit You Have Done All You Can & Something (or Someone ) is no Longer meant for you
  • Being readier than you realise to begin afresh and feeling the energy pulling you in an unexpected direction
  • Having to make profound decisions over where your energy is present


Perhaps you resonate with The Butterfly Maiden

Your Predictions are

  • It’s time to explore your intuitive possibly spiritual gifts
  • You will feel a need to Unconform from old expectations around work
  • Relationships will become more fulfilling
  • New Friendships Will Come in of their own accord
  • You may need to let go of out dated connections

Perhaps your need to feel expansive calls you towards Yemanja



Your Predictions are

  • A necessity to travel and possibly relocate
  • A call to your own inner goddess and sensuality in relationships
  • developing your third eye and connection with Source
  • A Need to detox your professional life and allow your highest calling to manifest

All of these predictions are what I am seeing with the choice you have made but one thing is for sure 2018 is the year where we will be asked or made to walk away from what no longer serves – it’s time to be honest with ourselves (and others ) and follow our hearts only then can we manifest the potential that is possible

Your Archangel wants to help you she (or he ) is the energy assigned by your soul to help you  and set the tone for what is to come – however the Archangel that you normally think of it not normally the one for a New Year that has been assigned did you know that the Archangel that has been appointed to you says a lot about what your opportunities ‘could’ be ? For example


  • If your Archangel is Muriel you may be ready to meet your twin flame ?
  • If your Archangel is Daniel you may be ready to develop your psychic gifts ?
  • If your Archangel is Zadkiel it highlights a business that’s ready to flourish

The BEST thing about knowing who is guiding you and why is that it cuts out all the guessing you can go straight to ‘first base’ (No i never did that lols )


For the next 2 weeks I am offering 5 special people the opportunity to work in a powerfully grounded way with the Archangel that is yearning to help make this year the most productive ever – we are offering you the chance to really connect with and understand your ‘Best Possible Path In 2018’ 


These 1.5 hour sessions are broken up to give you the very clearest guidance possible you will receive

  • A action packed 1 hour session
  • Who is your Archangel For The New Year
  • WHY are they guiding you
  • How are you supposed to proceed
  • What are your challenges
  • What are you opportunities
  • Are you supposed to carry on as you are or change path ?
  • But that’s not all……


Then every week for 3 weeks I will send you a card on a Monday to focus your energy for the week ahead 


Your 30 Min Pre Flight Check in …..


  • What short term clearing you need
  • Any clarity you require right now
  • Any concerns you have about which path is best
  • Assuring you are ready for your road trip

The Best Possible Path reading is an amazing opportunity to know from the get go that you are doing what you are intending at a higher level it also equips you with the connection to your Archangel who is your tour guide


This is such a super special price for a lot of support i am ONLY offering a few i am closing this offer on 9th January ahead of my new Programmes being launched please Jump on this if you know you don’t know as much as you would like and you really want to make sure you are where you should be


Book your space here Please note all appointments are offered from10th Jan onwards and are in UK time only appoinments can be taken any time during January or February with your check in being not more than 4 weeks after


‘Yes Please I Am dying to know who my archangel is and how they are going to guide me ‘

For now whatever the New Year is going to bring you remember in order to receive we must stretch first !


With 100% belief in you

Sheelagh and your team


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