Grace Versus Pace – Move Over For The Fairy In You

Grace verses pace

I’m a real woman – My house gets (very) messy I have more dogs, cats, kids, husband(singular) than I do cohesive thoughts in my head some of the time – I have a lot of help from my ‘friends’ and they’re invisible they live in my garden and YES they are amongst other things Fairies!

The Fairies  want to help you align with the natural essence of who you ‘really are’ when your ‘dead’ which is pure love and bliss – there’s no mistaking life can be really stressful at times, and yes things have ‘got to get done’ but why not let ‘grace give you a hefty hand ?’ The Fae can and will if invited help

For most of the women, I assist there is simply no energy and no room left for their goals and dreams to begin, you are often overworked, overtired and overburdened with so many things you simply Must do – and there is nothing left for what you really want but don’t really believe (because you’re so damn tired ) that you can have ……

Fairy Help for Abundance

Grace verses Pace – how can the fairies help You ……

So -most if not all ‘girls’ like you and me LOVE to play, some of us don’t have the resources and the time we’d prefer but some of us just aren’t inclined if we can’t see a direct benefit – did you know

  • ‘Play’ is the 2nd highest vibration for manifesting along with Love yes it’s higher up than gratitude
  • Fairies are real, you may see them as flashes of light outside your direct eye sight, if you stand in any kind of outside environment where there are flowers (even cut ones ) you can ask them to ‘be with you ‘ and they’ll come onto your team
  • Fairies can and will teach you about abundance in a whole new way – once they’re on your team don’t be surprised if you develop an obsession with crystals, lighter or brighter colours or want to eat more vegetables you may also notice birds more often and butterflies may make a beeline for you
  • Fairies will show you who isn’t aligned with you – the decision is yours but you will feel less inclined to give your energy away – which is good because zero energy means zero grace and abundance too

So from the Fairy in me please go ahead choose a card ……


The Fairies understand you have a real-life and as much as you wish it would all change in a flash it can be kinda hard to believe so we want you to know that these messages are not about magic wand answers they are about the way that you can change your Pace so that Grace can assist you – when you allow YOU to be the change over a consistent period of time – things will shift this may mean

  • Learning to let go of the issues you don’t have any idea how to fix and being okay with this
  • Letting other people be as they want to be and learning to feel secure despite this
  • Putting your own needs first as if you don’t the Universe can’t
  • Accepting your life exactly as it is and then embracing it
  • Not wanting things to change before YOU have changed

So onto your message – oooh I’m fluttering my wings!

Fairy Card Readings


Card 1 -Ask For What You Want –

Now many people SAY they have asked for what they want but you have to provide the energy that allows things to evolve – not magically appear into your existence by a puff of smoke (pink and sparkly it would be though of course ) – this means making sure you have enough mental physical and emotional energy AND taking the steps that you can now and are ready to take this may mean going to see a professional, receiving counselling, debt advice, making a clear decision or Telling a spouse, boss, or whoever it is ‘I really am working towards ‘this ‘ it matters to me – think in terms of asking for help and fully knowing you are worthy to get it ……


Card 2 – Easy Does it

This likely means you are doing way too much and are ‘in your head’ this can look like ploughing loads of energy into something that isn’t actually going to manifest in the way your mind believes – such as setting up a website and expecting lots of results when it first launches, or working way too hard in your day job burning out and your boss just expecting you to over give, it may mean being ‘the best wife’ but not having enough self esteem to say ‘no’ and mean it more often – this is about if it’s meant for you it won’t pass you by but if you throw everything at it you may just end up with a situation which hasn’t shown you what you wished it would either way pull back this Isn’t grace….


Card 3 – Assertiveness

I know so many strong women who actually don’t find it easy being assertive in their personal lives it’s almost as if we ‘don’t want to expect more than we should’ from our partners, our business, our family – and often this runs through our dna from our family line even our community.  If there is something you want in your life speak up if you don’t it can’t come in you can’t wish and hope and pray and just sit at the back, you do need to step up and say what needs to be said – you can always ‘invoke grace’ before you do it and ask your fairies and your angels to help you communicate in a way that allows the highest outcome but Speak up !

So that’s it for today being a Real woman Rising in a modern world can all too often feel like we’re wading through glue with boxing gloves on dragging five huge suitcases of our fears and other peoples baggage, but it doesn’t have to be like this

I’m opening up 2 spots for my Soul Fire Sacred Coaching at the Sale price of just £299 for the next 7 days if you are fed up of ‘going it alone’ in a very busy life then call in the divine as well as the fairies and let’s make sure

  • You are on the right path – if somethings NOT manifesting there is a reason for it don’t waste more time
  • Understand what needs clearing, healing and integrating so your Higher Self lets you move forward
  • learn a clearing which will align you with abundance for your soul type
  • Ask all and any questions you have answered from a higher perspective
  • Receive deep clearing and healing beyond the physical world

So if you know now you can’t do this alone any more let the Fairies, and me and the angels and your guides and your loved ones gather round you and help you – you do not and are not expected to do this alone

Message me if you’d like to chat or to claim the lower price message me asap and say ‘Sheelagh I Want In’ – instalment of 2 payments available for the right people

We love you

Sheelagh and the fairies



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