What Happened When I Pulled The Death Card……


Hello beautiful Soul


For years as a channeller and angel messenger I have avoided the dark and for many of us we have seen and felt too much but this week in order to honor all that I am spirit d I embraced the challenge of polarity as a tool to allow more light in – I  personally pulled the ‘death reversed card’ and although I admit I did bawk I realized the change had already happened I’m on a new pathway – and I’m fully committed to it and I’d love to invite you to get on yours – the darkness is a part of all our lives but we often spend time


  1.  Wanting to know ahead of time that ‘all will be well’ when we don’t feel peaceful and accepting right now
  2. Hoping someone is going to to tell us what to do or even better do it for us
  3. Refusing to grow and move because we don’t want to lose anything – yet we expect to gain far more
  4. Not wanting to let go of the when but being too scared to address the why…..


I get this – these energies are bringing in unexpected unwanted events and yet they are the key to the life – you want  – yet if we don’t address our fears we can never be free, if we will not step into the fire we cannot rise from it


We are here to help  – I have found tarot to be an invaluable tool in deciphering the layers of energy accompanied by my non physical guides they are showing me just how ‘bad news’ can be an open door to the life we’ve been praying for often it’s just our perspective and our fear of loss that stops us for going for it – In support of all of you that are scared, frustrated, unclear or just wanting clarity i am offering a Channelled  Tarot reading With Pictures Of The Cards In response to any 2 questions i’m doing this because I know myself how murky the energy can be until it clears – better still i’m offering this for just £49 you can book yours here rest assured you will receive


  • A loving high response to anything you ask
  • No ‘bad news’ just because it’s tarot
  • A sneak peak at what’s possible with higher energies being employed

I only have 5 so please reach out and order yours


But please remember – darkness is necessary in order to manifest the light so don’t avoid it or ignore it embrace it and allow yourself to be guided upwards – there is always more out there for you even if you don’t know it believe it or see it yet


Sending you SO MUCH Light and love

Sheelagh and your team



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