Heal Your Heart Now

We can all see the heartache going on around us – but what about the unhealed heartache within us – what we’ve supressed as confident kickass women over the last few decades – manifests as no clients to work with, repeated stomach and gyne issues & new flows of money drying up – & these issues compound the lack of intamacy we crave and the abundance we don’t now beleive we can ever have…….


My guides have asked me bluntly to put it this way – if ‘holding on’ is simply not possible any more – then perhaps it’s time to enlist the big guns – this is literally where your guides step forward and help you to understand – some of the issues you may be facing now * that we can help with are


Relationships that have lost all aspect of sexual desire – you feel more like brother and sister

Not being able to cope with money worries any more and feelings of ‘wanting to go home’ overwhelm you at times perhaps wanting to sleep it all away

Worry that you will lose all security you have worked towards but nobody can tell you what else’ is possible for you and nothing any good seems to be manifesting…..




please note i am not a ‘smug coach’ I know all to well what it’s like having to put on a brave face – and it truly doesn’t mean your marraige will end  or your business is ‘finished’ but it does mean the longer you ignore it the worse it is likely to get   – it takes courage and yet it’s the relationship with your own heart that allows your life path to lovingly expand – let me welcome you to my special June Offer ….


‘Healing Your Heart ‘ Just £299* normally £599

3 sessions where we give you the chance to develop your spiritual abilities and ask your guides their viewpoint on your path and life 

Includes Indepth  Card Spread highlighting your choices

Includes 1 Remote Auric Clearing which includes Many bespoke energy treatments which Can include relationship money or spiritual treatments

PLUS a very special  clearing for the next 6 months!


Please don’t hesitate to contact me and ask ‘will this help you’ if you’re unsure – some of my most recent success’s include * last six weeks:

clients telling me stubborn spouses communicating with love and clarity

windfalls over amounts they have ever received

Feelings of being supported by guides they didn’t sense prior

Knowing they Are here for a purpose and they’re going to be fine




if this sounds like fun to you please note the price is for one payment only normally this is £599 but for 2 gorgeous girls you get all of this for just £299 – first come first served

Book your space here http://paypal.me/sheelaghmariacom   

Offer closes with love on Thursday 16th June1972


Sending you all my love and belief in you

Sheelagh and the team






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