Healing Retreat For Abundance & Love

Do you want to know what 2022 holds for you ? Perhaps like many your a little worried to know ….


This year has been and remains to be life changing for many of us, & it’s ok for the Spiritual Teachers and Coaches who have 6,7 or 8 figure incomes to preach about how ‘Awakened’ we will all be, but when it’s your families health and happiness being affected it’s just not that easy to be that smug….well for me anyway


Over the last 3 years I have seen with my own eyes the absoloute devastation many beautiful souls has gone through, and i know a lot of you are wondering ‘when will it end….?’ Whilst i cannot promise that, what I can promise is that Ill do everything in my power to help you where you need it most


I have a deep enduring connection with The Divine Mother collective, having seen both of my children nearly pass away I have been through a lot to learn to trust her, losing my own mum at the age of 16 was the start of that …but i can safely say that whenever i am truly against a wall, ‘she’ or ‘they’ are there helping me to overcome my greatest fears


For this reason, I’m hosting a truly life changing & very powerful 1 day online retreat, you will do nothing but relax & receive all the blessings Ill be sending powerfully your way


Perhaps you’ve already experienced the magic of the healings I do…perhaps you want to know ‘what’s coming for you’ next year, perhaps you just want to be in the comfort of a loving being whilst your timeline receives powerful spiritual infusions of abundance & for those who want it – love



Saturday December 4th Ill be hosting a four hour onine retreat where every attendee will receive :

Over 3 hours of tranced messages & readings from the Divine Mother Collective

Windfall clearings, Abundance healings & Relationship healings

i will Also include a 2022 reading for each attendee as my gift to you!

Best of all you don’t have to be live, you can submit any areas of concern ahead of time, and enjoy your readings at a time to suit you ‘they’ know what you need and if your asleep we’l send you the recording!



I know what its like when your life revolves around everyone elses needs, and sometimes in order to be there for them, you have to be there for you


If you’d like to join us for what will absoloutely improve your flow of love and abundance please book your space here ,ill be in touch asap to give you the joining details we cannot wait to usher in a loving positive new year for you

One Space For The Abundance & Heart Healing Retreat Just £99



For now we are wishing for so much positive momentum and change, please don’t suffer alone if you need support, do reach out

There are many like me who care

Sending so much love to you and gentle times

Sheelagh and your team

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