Healing Your Truth In Relationships




How does it feel to you to know that there are things in life we cannot control – in fact they are very much beyond our control ?

August and September are bringing through super intense energies which can really affect what we perceive as being secure and safe, and for some of us the ride will be affected by people and situations we have no way of affecting


I have actively seen people’s relationships be affected by energies ‘sent int’ from angry mothers, in laws’ ex’s even stepchildren who want what they want and don’t care how they get it – and the hurt and confusion it causes breaks my heart





We want to take the worry and hurt out of some of this for you because when you avoid what you fear is inevitable – you invite it – if you can accept what is unpalatable to you healing and growth can occur in ways your mind in all it’s ties and knots cannot see in the situation or the other person at this time




The guides I work with are sharing with me that right now boundaries are being tested, peoples agenda’s once mutually agreed are now moving in opposing directions, and attempts to ignore this won’t work – this is happening in many relationships not just romantic ones and it can be a ‘surprise’ if you resist it’s arrival


The message right now is to allow yourself to fully feel your feelings, and then once you have done that step back from them and look at the energy of the relationship itself this is not the same as the energy of the other person.  The relationship has a consciousness of its own, right now even really happy relationships can suddenly feel brittle and a discord may be felt by one of you – you are likely right now when you do look at your ‘other party’ (be it child, parent or spouse ) be aware of


  • What they are ignoring that is blatantly needing to change
  • What they cling to in case that change does somehow occur
  • How they are avoiding the growth that awaits them or the growth of someone around them
  • That this won’t go away that it will evolve and that perhaps scares you
  • That you are a new person now to the person you were , and perhaps you feel you want different things but you cannot ‘say that’ or state that because it’s not part of the ‘agreement’ that you have


Spirit want you to know that relationships Must evolve know as the energy quickens and ascends, this means your truth which may not be someone elses truth will get stronger harder to avoid until you give it air and voice it – you will become increasingly full up of lower energy if you do not honour your souls calling



Healing your truth means you understand that all feelings come up in response to something that has been presented around or in your emotional field which doesn’t resonate with this version of you – this cannot be ignored – spirit are asking you here for the evolution of your relationships to:


  • Be Clear About Why you Feel The Way You do – in other words step back from what’s being said intended or ‘done’ and look at you – what is it you are avoiding ?  rejection, abandonment, financial issues lack of security
  • Once you are clear about what you are avoiding – get some support to heal these energies, they are actual vibrations in your energy field being triggered, removing the vibrations gives you a window in order to grow beyond this
  • Ask yourself if anyone outside of the relationship is sending interference energy in – very often we can be emphatically receiving energy from ex’s, inlaws etc that are literally interfering in our relationship from a distance often this needs to be nipped in the bug
  • Ask yourself if the other party is even aware of the issue – and if so are they affected as you are affected – if they are not it may be that they actively benefit from not acting or growing if their mum/sister/brother etc will do their growing for them
  • If the other party is actively choosing to avoid their growth the only way that it can evolve is if YOU expand – this means doing your own energy work and understanding where your vibration has gotten affected, then when there is enough vibrational distance between you both they will have the space to realise they need to grow too
  • Be clear about what you really require – and if the other person is able or willing to give you that – sometimes what we need just isn’t available from the source around us and this inevitably may mean we need to part ways
  • Understand what your own soul lesson is, and then understand what the point of your soul contract is – every relationship of every kind was decreed and agreed prior to life, even affairs have contracts of a kind though looser than a marriage or relationship, it’s important to know when a soul contract has gone beyond it’s length it’s also important to understand how you can make a new soul contract where possible to help things expand
  • If there is a real apathy, avoidance, ignorance or non acknowledgment of your feelings then it’s likely that beings have gotten into the soul contract – again once removed these can drastically improve the shelf life, quality and energy of any relationship



What inspired me to write this was my own truth needing to be healed, and my awareness that I’m not prepared to live in shadows, feeling hurt or feeling unsure of my direction – once I healed this the lesson passed and now it has moved on to it’s ‘owners’ who must learn from it and grow or part ways – my attachment to the outcome stemmed from a fear of rejection when I am so very loved, it was a threat and one if left untended that could grow, now i am ready and able to step back and allow what needs to unfold knowing that my part has been healed – however if I had not had this connection with my guides, the energy that others are sending in would really have done the damage and I just know this is affecting many people right now and you don’t need to be powerless


We are offering you the opportunity to enjoy a one hour relationship clearing and reading if you need some soul contract work these are not the normal type of work I offer as they are so specialized however they will


  • Highlight if the soul contract is meant to evolve, continue or needs healing – healing is then given
  • remove marriage beings, relationship beings and cords netting and poison darts from relationships
  • remove karmic energies such as relationship and marriage karma
  • re align the relationship and ground it allowing it to evolve and heal
  • remove all outside influences so that mutual healing can if wanted occur
  • Help you understand where the other party ‘is’ right now and if applicable apply protection

The relationship healings are available from 15th August but are being booked now, because these are indepth sessions I am only offering 5 of them over skype – please be aware that outcomes cannot be guaranteed but normally improvements are seen quite quickly


angel of love


The Angels want you to know that happiness is meant for us and even the most complicated of relationship situations can improve as they are designed to let more love not less in, very often the other party is being bombarded by family or outside influences and it prevents their true loving nature from coming forth


A relationship healing will also help you to


  • Understand what you need to heal and grow within you
  • Understand how to give authentically that which you wish to receive
  • Ascertain your current life lesson and how this is being played out around you
  • Support you in connecting with your Angels for continued assistance and help
  • Open your energy to meet your next soul mate

Please know that ‘forever ‘is a long time, but ‘right now’ can certainly feel an awful lot safer, loving and secure and we are here to help you with all of that


If this feels good to you then head on over to the link below and book one of the 5 specialized love clearings awaiting your focus


1 Love clearing and healing via skype £79.00

For now though remember that you do have a choice, you don’t have to feel as though you are at the mercy of anyone or anything or any feeling that is around you right now, the guides do have the ability to help you in so many ways but first you have to prioritise the fact that you need and deserve that help and likely so does the other person


We are sending you much love and empowering energy

Sheelagh and your team




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