VIP Higher Self Session


You are a Very Important Person to those who love you to those who need you and because you came here for a very good reason and sometimes we lose sight of what that is. In this session over 90 minutes we will identify
• What is no longer part of your path
& what to do about that
• What your higher self is truly calling for
• What you need to do to actualize
your next steps
• How this is likely to ‘shape up’ as
you move forward
• We’ll also answer any pressing questions
you have
• And help clear up any energy cycles blocking your path
I’m a little bit unique because I hear what your higher self is longing for you to know PLUS I hear your Spirit guides loud and clear, this session is perfect if you want more than ‘just. A reading’ it can be used for
• Short term practical advice
• Energy clearings that pack a punch
• Being super clear about your purpose and mission
• Understanding how others feel
• Being Supported by your guides
We are passionate about clarifying what is true for you now and helping you kick doubt to the kerb. 


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