How Can I Help You?

Next Steps Psychic Reading

This is perfect for you if you need help now

Either remotely or live via zoom we will answer your most burning questions
And help you to understand what you truly need to tackle next
This session is recorded and comes with a complimentary clearing which is sent to
you after our call
Topics such as love dilemmas, financial worries, life purpose questions are all
answered quickly with my amazing guides Spirit and Orion


VIP Higher Self Session

You are a Very Important Person to those who love you to those who need you and because you came here for a very good reason and sometimes we lose sight of what that is. In this session over 90 minutes we will identify
• What is no longer part of your path
& what to do about that
• What your higher self is truly calling for
• What you need to do to actualize
your next steps
• How this is likely to ‘shape up’ as
you move forward
• We’ll also answer any pressing questions
you have
• And help clear up any energy cycles blocking your path
I’m a little bit unique because I hear what your higher self is longing for you to know PLUS I hear your Spirit guides loud and clear, this session is perfect if you want more than ‘just. A reading’ it can be used for
• Short term practical advice
• Energy clearings that pack a punch
• Being super clear about your purpose and mission
• Understanding how others feel
• Being Supported by your guides
We are passionate about clarifying what is true for you now and helping you kick doubt to the kerb. 

Hearing Your Higher Self
£448 or 2 Payments of £249

This package is perfect if you are wanting to understand your life purpose in
greater detail. You get 5 45 min sessions where each week we look at a different
aspect of your path including
Who you’ve Become & What Needs To Change? Your Soul Type & Life Theme & Clearing Current Blocks
How To connect to your higher self using your Psychic Gifts. Ongoing support with issues affecting your life
How to connect to your Spirit Guides & How To Read your own timeline
Bonus 3 Month Forecast For One Area Of life
Extra Special Bonus ‘Money accelerator clearing