My Services

Hello beautiful Soul

As a Psychic Intuitive I am able to see why you
are blocked and what you need to do about it,
and in each of my sessions the focus is upon
helping you to move forward clearly –

I work with my guides and yours to
get your path flowing again

Psychic "Trouble Shooting" Session

Whether you feel stuck in a rut with your relationship and need to know how you should tackle this, or whether you want guidance as to what you should be pursuing with your Soul purpose, this session gives you the opportunity to ask as many questions as you want within the time frame, perfect if you want to know how things are likely to evolve This session is 30 mins via zoom


Book Now - £59

Psychic ‘Strategy Session

 Have you hit a roadblock that you cannot shift no matter what you do ? Are you tired of trying to do it all ‘by yourself’ and need some constructive advice as to what’s really meant for you ?

As a Psychic Intuitive I am able to check in and see if what your wanting to manifest is truly meant for you, and I can also see why it hasn’t manifested so far.   

Not only will we read the energy of the coming months we will also map out the next practical steps you need to take.  We will help you to get clear on the most urgent priorities to tackle.

This Strategy Session comes to you with an action plan, where you will be given at least 3 goals that you need to move towards in the weeks and months ahead, we will also look at your timeline ahead of time and see how these goals manifest into your life

Also in this session we will bring In powerful clearing techniques to ensure that your future timeline is as easy and as smooth as it can be

This session is done over 60 minutes and you will receive a questionnaire to make sure that we are focused on where you need assistance the most

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FREE Meet Your Spirit Guides Pdf

Want to find out more about your Spirit Guides ?
Then this is for you! Simply Click Below to order your copy.


Psychic Soul Purpose Training

This package gives you four focused sessions with me where we will assist you in unpacking your spiritual gifts and get you focused on your Souls path, over a month together we will look at the areas that you have gotten stuck in, and I will teach you to tune into your spirit guides to connect with your true life purpose

 If you have wanted to develop your spiritual gifts but are worried about doing it wrong, then this is for you.  We will work with the energy that is right for you and we will work in the way that is right for you.  For some of you this will be Spiritual Training with the angels, for some of you it may be psychic training with your guides, your soul will dictate

 Also included in this session is a FREE Psychic Trouble shooting session that you can use at any point to help you with issues in your day to day life, whether this is a relationship concern or issues to do with family we will step in and help

 Your Psychic Soul Purpose Training also comes with pre recorded meditations to get you connected to your Spiritual team as quickly as possible

These sessions are conducted once a week over zoom


Book Now - £450

Abundance Channel clearing

This remote service is where I will focus on up levelling all areas of your life in regards to
money and abundance. Simply tell me the issues you are having and I will focus on all areas
of income stream and open up possibilities for new ways of abundance to come. This
session is 45 mins and is done remotely – you will be sent a questionnaire to ensure that we
understand your situation correctly. This session is done through powerful psychic healing
you will get to see me work in your video link. This session is perfect if you self employed or
a business owner that has had trouble finding the right clients to serve

Book Now - £99