Honestly Being An Emotional Wreck is Just The Start!


I just spent today clearing and recovering from a huge depletion caused by ‘family empathic energy’ and another source whose energy left unchecked would have put me in the gibbering wreck category had I not cleared it …..

You can literally FEEL the energy coming in often accompanied┬áby a ‘twinge’


It’s not needed for it to be like that though I let my guard down honestly empathy can be such a gift in realising where you should and should not be placing your attention


In this weeks final Emerging Empath I teach you how to ‘weed your garden’ vibrationally and plant new vibrations which will allow abundance to find you in so many ways, I also tell you what flat spots, frustration and fear ‘really mean’

I’m also offering my clairvoyant readings and clearings to help you understand


  • Who your soul abundance archangel is and what they want you to know
  • What your core manifesting vibration is and how to manifest using this
  • What your current Vibration is and how to UP this
  • What your current soul lessons are and how to learn them quickly

Anyway I promised I’d keep this short so here is the main event


Sending you much love and warmth

Sheelagh and your team




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