How Carrying Karma Impacts Your Career / Business



Karma is a b**** and she doesn’t forget her dues – that’s often how people view Karma or with great wariness.  But what if Karma was your friend – letting you know what you need to attend to so things Drastically improve?


Let me share a personal story, my husband has a house, and we had nothing but Nightmare tenants, for 8 long months the house was a shackle around (both) our ankles and I worked on ‘her’ long and hard, till one day i thought ‘hmm i need to check the karma with this’  within 2 days i cleared my husbands money karma, and also his family karma and he came home last night, and said a couple that had only looked round with speed and left – had made an offer, we ALSO got a dream tenant the Friday previous – weird – well not to me !


You see Karma is not a ‘b**** or any other kind of bad vibe, it’s ‘just’ an accumulation of positive and negative energies that have built up – like house dust.  They build up in certain areas of our consciousness, and also in certain external areas that are attached to us such as business, career, relationships even technology.


Now whatever your personal views are on past lives, perhaps we can agree or at least be open to the fact that everything is energy, and yes that includes the house plant, the desk and even the cooker.  The level of light in that collection of energy denotes it’s consciousness level, so a flower has less consciousness than a cat but more than a stone does that make sense ?


Our aura contains different collections of said consciousness, we have a career ‘c’ a business ‘c’ a relationship ‘c’ too and when these get ‘infected by’ the karma You are holding on behalf of other lives or even on behalf of your husband, or even your family, boom and thud they drop and STOP and don’t develop even though they can completely move forward if and when cleared.


So you see when clients aren’t falling over themselves to work with you, or your relationship is in another downward spiral there is often far more at play than you know.  


Understanding what kind of karma is affecting you is useful but not imperative to clear it.  So here I’m sharing a golden tip for you.  Sitting quitely and asking your business or your career (even and especially if you don’t have one but would love one) and asking it as if it were a child, ( so sensitively please) ‘are you carrying karma ?’ and you’l get or feel a ‘uh huh’.  Then simply saying out loud, ‘I now ask that all negative and neatral karma be cleared in relation to my business or career’ will have results.


The results get better the more specific you get.  As in whether it’s soul mate karma affecting things (yes that includes your mother in law’s feelings about you they can and do affect your life in other ways) Soul group karma, Past life Karma or another type, this is when you get really into whether it’s yours, theirs or his, and you clear ‘them’ as well.


Your career or business depends on you doing what’s best for her. Again just like a child it takes it’s directive from you.  Only very well established business’s have their own soul – so everything you are processing on an external and internal level will be felt by your business.  Ensuring that You are taken care of it vital in ensuring your business realizes that it’s okay to thrive because you can look after yourself.


Also Ensuring that you are communicating with her authentically in terms of not just ‘to get results’ but because she is an extension of you and you really want her to feel loved not just needed.


Ask your business what she needs YOU to do today for ;’both of you’

Ask your business does she need more fun and play

Ask your business if she needs ‘other help’ ie an accountant a proper clearing, a marketing assistant – and LISTEN to her

Ask your business if she needs exposure in a new way


Working with the karma of your business and also the needs of your business will help an awful lot.  In terms of your career or business remember when you are well and truly busy being happy, ‘she’ will get happy too


if you would love to know what karma is bugging your business and career and stopping it from thriving do get in touch I’m using my own system to explain which of the four types are needing to be cleared and i can vouch for how effective it is


with immense love and sparkles

Sheelagh and your team



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