How Channelling Changes Your Life




I remember clearly needing advice on a romantic issue, (going back some years) and also needing to know if I made a certain decision how would it ‘pan out’ would it leave me lonely and vulnerable, or would, somehow, I meet the person who made it ‘all worthwhile ? ‘  I remember looking at adverts of psychic lines, this being before I had uncovered my gift, and wishing I had access to the money to access what I perceived as ‘the route to the answer’.



As it happened, I Was in touch with my guidance, I made those big decisions that led me onto the path I’m on today, I only realised ‘after the event’ that I could have acessed this guidance far sooner and things would have been easier.


Now – as a speech channel primarily for Archangel Michael, I channel my own guidance on all subjects daily.  I also help people uncover their own natural abilities in relation to channelling, healing and guidnce – it’s profound the way their world changes when they learn how natural and easy it is to do.


For me, the experience of channelling is like a deep healing session every time I do it.  I receive bursts of wisdom that have eluded me ‘up until that point’ and often resources I didn’t anticipate that would be available come forward soon after.


The reason that channelling is such a special experience is that you don’t need anyone else to help you once you have established that connection, and literally bringing heaven into your ‘now’ can only help situations manifest and evolve in so many amazing ways.


Typically when people learn to channel for the first time they are amazed how easy and effortless it is, sometimes it takes some confidence to let the being speak through you and sometimes you can ‘stop the flow;’ by hoping it will be different, very often people wish they were ‘taken away’ but that is not  how channelling in the new energy works.


Channelling Archangel Michael means that you are always safe, always supported and more important always accurate.  What is amazing is how quickly things shift for you when you bring such a powerful strong being in.


I have seen people reguarly experience


  • An opening of their clairvoyant / clairaudiant abilities
  • their relationships transforming into more loving ones
  • Releasing long held fears blocking their life’s path
  • the ability to read for others as well as themselves
  • Seeing angel lights and orbs with the naked eye

Channelling certainly changed my life, I started my own business, met my husband (Mr Wright don’t you know) wrote a book in six weeks flat, healed old patterns preventing success and abundance And met my best friend – Michael himself.  I would love the opportunity to awaken you to this precious and amazing gift





Saturday 12th March 12pm-4pm I am offering a half day workshop here in the uk teaching you to Open To Channel you will learn what kind of channel you are, and if you recommend the course to a friend that books you will receive a live channelled message from Archangel Michael on the day


Don’t know what channelling is ?  Then my video should explain it all




Are you ready to take this next step ?  If so I have only 8 places left on this unique course ‘Opening to Channel With Archangel Michael’ and they are available strictly on a first come first serve basis


I’m keeping the cost intentionally low so that as many people can benefit as possible just £35 for a half day experience that could change the course of your life


If you are ready to experience what kind of channel you are and you are ready to do more than wonder if this is something you could do then email me and request an invoice now, when the places are gone they are gone.


The setting is a beautiful waterfront hotel in Lincoln Uk five mins from the train station, which takes trains from London.  If you are ready to begin your new journey then let me know asap.


With love and magic

Sheelagh and your team

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