How Psychic Are You ?


How many times have you felt a presence next to you, and wondered if it were someone that you lost to spirit but you ‘just weren’t sure ? Perhaps you’ve had very vivid dreams of seeing a loved one and thought in that dream ‘why did I get so upset they were Never dead ?’ Only to wake up and you feel crushed all over again ?

I’d like to share an experience that I had and it showed me very quickly just why we should listen to these messages and not ignore them ….


Over Christmas my beloved husband Garry got very sick, & I had a shocking upsetting dream about 3 coffins, 2 were already filled by his parents and one had rock and roll stickers all over, open and waiting,… I didnt hesitate the next morning to rush him to hospital when it was clear how sick he was – despite his protestations it was abundantly clear his life was at risk, he is now doing really well  & I’m thankful that i didn’t ignore ‘that dream’!


Your loved ones are SO aware of you all the time, even though you may not be so aware of them, they love to ride alongside us when we’re travelling, they often stroke our hair when we sleep, & they nearl always join in family celebrations & often it’s the dogs and cats that notice them first!


Developing your psychic abilities is really easy if you work with the energy that’s right for you, did you know that some of you are Angel souls and so work best with angels?  Some of you are Lightworker souls and work best with Ascended Energies, and many of you that believe that you are healers are actually budding mediums that perhaps just haven’t bloomed yet ?

It can always feel like a risk deciding to do something new because – what if you fail what if you cannot give people what they want – I;m here to tell you honestly Nobody gets it right all the time * but don’t tell my kids that please!  I have a unique way of training new mediums through making connections empathically, in fact to date I’ve trained ovr 26 since September last year!


Now more than ever people want Free help, they want reassurance that they’l have enough money and that they won’t end up alone.  Now more than ever people want certainty, direction and promises of their life getting easier, and whilst it’s not truthfully possible to give ANY promises, when you connect them to a loved one and reassure them that life Does go on, or you pinpoint what you see down the line regarding their career or relationship they are able to take charge and take those important next steps – I cannot tell you how good it feels to help someone who needs it!

The picture I’m sharing here is of my gorgeous husband at our wedding this last summer – he is my world – and soon we are travelling America together, but before then I’m taking bookings on my return to develop new and aspiring Mediums and Psychics to their fullest potential – if you have a moment why not pop over to my website and check out my new offerings ? Here’s a few to pick from..


  • Psychic Abilities Reading
  • Psychic Abilities Activation
  • Lightworker Reading
  • Mediumship Development
  • Lightworker Development
  • Money healings

Check them out here https://www.sheelaghmaria.com/elementor-6409/


– and if you do feel your ready to take that next step to get out into the world and help others, I do offer 20 min Psychic Chats if you are considering partnering with me to study mediumship or development so do feel free to email me via my site here hello@sheelaghmaria.com


For now I want to encourage any of you that are feeling that urge to go out into the world in a bigger way to DO it don’t let this be something you Wish you had done whilst you could. I have many students who are now trance channelling, reading past lives and connecting clients with their loved ones – you could soon be doing this too


With a 100% belief in you


Sheelagh and your team

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