How To Be Unlimited ….



You have no idea of what your capable of you only Think you do – fact

You ‘think’ things ‘have’ to progress a certain way to ‘work’ so you ‘effort’ and put into place the steps that you

think will take you there – only what normally happens is that you don’t get the response you wanted – you get the one you secretly expected – it’s pants you have start again……



Yet if you just allowed yourself to throw away all the logic and connect fully and with complete commitment to your passion – that would have to manifest with very few ‘efforted steps’


If only there were some secret, some code that could help you ? Well there is and we have it for you here



Your Abundance Code unveiled & Explained


  • Your soul type – ‘Your personal manifesting style and likely why it hasn’t worked so far’
  • Your Monthly Main Abundance chakra – How your higher self delivers consciousness into your timeline that then takes on physical form
  • Your Holy Trinity – Living your life as a spirit who understands the fears/expectations of the personality but is fully guided by the Soul


Your Abundance Code



All sounds very good but how does that help you right now – well …..


  • When you are able to fully understand what’s being asked of you – you can and will step up
  • When you understand your truest nature – you can honour it
  • When you understand the unseen influences – you can step clear of these


Yet sometimes with the best of intentions real life just hits you harder –Ā we get that but the truth is although you are meant to be challenged you are Not meant to struggle for as long as you do –


Sometimes you have to do something completely illogical, completely different completely out of the norm in order to allow anything more expansive to become your norm – well always actually


I understand this – this year I have been blessed by my team to experience challenges that have asked me to grow, trust step forward and be far less logical and far more magical than ever – but because that’s what’s worked for me I want to do the same for you


Midsummer Magic – My magical sale is on for a short time – and we will support you to grow through your constrictions and create a life you adore now not ‘then ‘ or when …..



You can either choose from a short term boost with a much higher perspective or go the whole hog and Be the change you wish you could see you can choose from a reducedĀ Soul Sparks 40 min ReadingĀ or my 6 week support packageĀ Soulfire Sacred Healing & Clearing BOTH ARE ON OFFER FOR A SHORT TIME ONLY Ā https://www.sheelaghmaria.com/midsummer-magic/



We know it’s easier just to carry on with the school run, the job the weekend routine but how does anything change – if you don’t change?


Perhaps you’ve tried readings, coaches and Still nothings changed – that’s because your looking outside of you – it’s only possible for you to experience more of who you are being/feeling right now – so if you want more money,love ,success you have to feel you already it that’s where doing something magically energetic for yourself will shift things



For now though we hope you know you Are unlimited an sooner rather than later you shift to show that up


Sending So much love to you

Sheelagh and your team

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