How To Trust When You Just Don’t …..Yet




I get so many posts from people that struggle to trust they want too – they understand that if they could things could improve but they just Don’t – and I wanted to share a real story with you




On Christmas eve my daughter my beautiful 21 year old daughter had a letter from the student finance telling her that she, and I owed thousands more than we could potentially pay, and we both felt as if a axe was hanging over us, she is still at uni without a proper job (or at that point it was the case ) and i certainly did not have immediate access to the funds they were asking for


Now, in the beginning I felt floored, and struggled to get through Christmas Day with a smile on my face, but as I found some time to connect with my team they told me this


Sheelagh it is vital that you decide this is sorted, it is imperative you do not let the fear and doubt mount up

it is important that you sponsoring thought (the one behind the one you are trying to control) is adamant this is sorted – on every level’


Now, it takes a while to get to this point, and until you are there the subject matter may loom large in the fore front of your mind, it may feel as if it’s a hill you can’t climb and you may feel discouraged from ,moment to moment, it’s important that during this time you focus your attention on other things – and if you have some clearing tools use these to get you there.


When I was in this situation the first thing I did was clear my money area, my daughters money area and my karmic energy, now I would clear all anti spirit energy, I would clear all negative programming and channel the angels to a point where I am full up of heavens energy


How You do this does not matter but we would suggest


  1. Take yourself into nature¬†it is the last thing you feel like doing and yet it strips away¬†impurity¬†that you are full of¬†– speak to the¬†faeries¬†even if you feel crazy doing so, ask them to come in and share ‘fairy¬†abundance with you’ honestly within about two hours i¬†abandoned¬†the kitchen and was asking my fairy¬†friends to bring resources to me – it works!
  2. Sit and ask Archangel Raphael to come in and take away stress energy –¬†visualize¬†yourself filling with white light¬†and send this light down your time line back and front this will ‘lift out’ the emotional charge of the doubts and fear you have, making it easier to focus on what’s true rather than on what’s going on within you
  3. Doing Anything Physical and Repetitive – and as far ‘off topic’ as possible the more you have certain¬†connotations¬†in¬†relation to one subject ie ‘I’m going to struggle to find a man who loves me’ or ‘I just know my life is always this stressed filled and difficult’ the harder it is well in fact it is impossible for the Universe to help you – doing something that is mundane and with mindfulness really allows you to switch off the record on that topic
  4. Channel Higher Advice – work with an energy you trust such as one of the Archangels and ask that your 20th chakra is opened this means you will be able to connect with them easier write down three questions, surround yourself in white light and now ask the archangel you have chosen to give you advice – write it down or speak it into your computers sound recorder word for word – of course ¬†this won’t get rid of the ‘house doubt’ so you have to decide how important it is to stay a doubting deirdre





In the end it does come down to whether you are wanting inside life to stay the same and doubting and fearing is certainly Not going to allow anything to change, nobody no psychic no clairvoyant no angel or guide can do anything to help you if you steadfastly refuse to help yourself.


I have never been someone who is able to stay where I am fearful, so for me I would rather go for it – and fail, and walk through it – yes even when my childrens health is at risk, and face it knowing that if we avoid anything it always persists especially in another form.


We are suggesting to you that if you truly want what you say you want, ie more money, a lover, someone to be there for you, a business of your own you will Do something about it, even shock horror if that means spending money on someone that you believe can assist you, or better still, doing something so that you can assist your self 


I am going to be unveiling something in the next week to help you to move beyond doubt and work with your team to manifest true changes into your life – you will be supported by your guides and angels – so think about how it would feel to know with absoloute clarity life is going to change ?



Are you fed up of hoping someone has the answer ? ¬†But you do still have ‘no clue how’ yourself ? ¬†Then my new offer being unveiled in the next week will be perfect for you to be Supported by Spirit Into having the skills to change what you haven’t managed so far, and it’s not a huge subscription either…..we havent seen anything like this on the market and we know it’s for those that are wanting to create change in all areas of their life¬†


For now relax and know that all despite appearances is well


With love and belief in you

Sheelagh and Michael

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