How Working With The Psychic Sun Can Change Your Life

psychic sun


So we are in March, and I’m inundated by people that are wanting urgently to clear the decks and create change.  Many of them feel as though they are raring to go, and yet real life gets in the way when they try.


For me just over a week ago I felt the same way, and I was guided in a meditation to visit the ‘Psychic’ or ‘Spiritual Sun’ – put simply this is the Spiritual Sun that lights the spirit world all the way from the ‘human’ spirit world up to the starbeings.


When I connected with the Spiritual Sun I was surrounded by my team, they took away all my feelings of frustration and showed me how situations I was dealing with were all planned with extreme love and care by my team how the rewards of these lessons would be a greater ability to trust, know that all is well and receive.


Now let me get real, right now I am dealing with a major health scare in one of my children, it’s frightening even though I absoloutely know she is going to be okay, I am also trying to get a book published whilst being a busy wife, mother and of course teaching around 20 people to pursue their gifts – and sometimes it gets downright tiring.


The Psychic Sun Meditation has changed a lot for me, it activated my third eye, so much that I am now in contact with the loved ones of certain students, I am also seeing my own team and hearing them with greater clarity, I am much more aware of the ‘right time’ of things, and this means I can settle back and allow the days to tick away until the right moment – putting it bluntly it’s saved me a lot of headaches.


The Psychic Sun  is something you can ask to be connected to in a meditation – I’d love to know what occurs for you if you do this


  • you want greater clarity in your life
  • you possess a desire to develop your gifts – this will take you to greater levels of SELF awareness rather than psychic awareness
  • you want to know you are connected to your team
  • you are ready to receive guidance as and when you need it from your higher self


I mention all of this because your higher self is the first stop before you get to work with spirit, trying to trust that yes it’s your angels talking to you when you do not know your own energy that well does not help, so working with your higher self is the perfect step for you and the psychic sun can help you with this


I am sharing ‘Psychic Sun ‘ activation’s for psychic ability in my tutoring so if you are thinking about developing and strengthening your psychic abilities this is something we include and activate for you with your team included


Remember if you ask the answer is always given, and this meditation is truly going to help you to receive that from the stores of your own wisdom


With love

Sheelagh and your team

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