I Love My Life But…..4 Ways To Make Your Buts Your Life Purpose

Loving life


You love your life, you are healthy, okay with money, would love to have more…..but generally compared to some you CAN feel blessed ……if it weren’t for……

  1. Those in laws/relatives that do not respect you and make it clear……do you realise they are your biggest supporters, of course to your naked eyes they do not feel that way they feel completely challenging, and no matter what you do, of course it should have been different, but you see they are a mirror for your own inner critique and by satisfying your own heart rather than the inner critic, you will move into your life purpose which is UP from where you are now.
  2. The financial constriction isn’t easing and thinking ‘happy thoughts for a while isn’t manifesting anything else…..well sweet soul in truth your financial constriction is an outward manifestation of the inner constriction you are feeling in Some other area¬†where are you Not honouring YOUR truth? ¬†Where are you keeping quiet for fear of the consequences? ¬†Where are you laying your truth down by the door and leaving it there ? ¬†When you finances are Not moving, then it’s because there is an area you are either refusing or scared to move onwards with, sit quietly and acknowledge your fear, and ask your higher guidance what it would mean to at least shift perspectives. ¬†Trying a perspective on is like borrowing a friends dress before buying it for yourself, you don’t have to stick with it come what may but it may feel lighter and if it does feel lighter a lightening of your money energy will follow too.
  3. I love my life but where’s it heading, what’s the point?¬†The point is not the result the outcome or the material circumstances changing, it’s the way you FEEL about the circumstances as you flow ‘through’ them. ¬†For example your in a stabil relationship all is okay but you don’t feel challenged, a idea crops up for you to learn something new or invest in a new project but….it’s a risk. The point is not if the skill or project is a success or failure it’s whether in that in between time you move forward despite and because of your nerves and fear and allow yourself to dream bigger and go emotionally and mentally to new places and then the point in ‘real world’ terms can manifest.
  4. I have no clue what this means ? ¬†It means everything and it means nothing. ¬†Where you think something is going and where it winds up is all in the moment, nothing is ever ‘finished; (for nothing ever ends) and nothing is ever complete. ¬†Something that seems to indicate we should take a certain path may lead in a completely different direction altogether. ¬†Give up what you THINK your life purpose should be and accept what your life purpose is in this moment. Yes, live ONLY in the now. ¬†With all it’s greys, heartbreaks and uncertainty DECIDE that you are right where you need to be. ¬†Want to be a healer, then HEAL those around you. ¬†Want to be a Coach, then Coach those around you. ¬†Want to be a mother? ¬†Then mother yourself. ¬†Want more money, then love the money you have. ¬†Whatever you are in THIS moment is the LIFE PURPOSE you are calling towards it, so make this moment even doing the dishes, and listening to your partners woes COUNT.


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