I’m going to share my secret abundance/psychic tools with you ….

I am an ordainary woman who is living an extra ordainary life – I have the school run to do – just like you, bills to pay, just like you, and I get tired/fed up/ and overwhelmed at times too


The difference is for me is that I have tools that I use that pick me up quickly, and allow money & prosperity and gorgeous clients to find me even if I’m not ‘officially working’ and I’d love to share some of these with you ……


Now – very often people will wonder what a clairvoyant knows or does that can possibly help them ‘real time’ – like if you have money problems, relationship grumbles or a health issue – I’ll be honest I have had the same thoughts, but after working with some of the best coaches and mentors around who also happened to be psychic/intuitive and clairvoyant like me – I know exactly how much they helped ME find out my ‘Secret Superpowers are …..’ and I use them ‘all the time


Did you know that you have access to any energy at any moment ? …..so you don’t HAVE to try and ‘be happy harder for longer’ hoping things will change, you don’t HAVE to do anything EXCEPT plug into the energies you need


When you download a vibration, and ‘fill yourself with it’ it becomes a part of your aura – over the next 7 days if you keep filling yourself up, your energy field, body and eventually your external circumstances will take on this energy – the only part we will warn you about is that for the first 3 days the Universe will ‘show you where you were’ prior so you need to keep this up no matter what shows up short term


My top secret tips for energising yourself with abundance love and clarity 


  1. Go for a vibration which can benefit the whole of your life such as peace, calm or acceptance if you have multiple issues that you need help with
  2. Simply say out loud ‘I now download and receive the energy of (peace calm or acceptance) and consciously breathe in a colour you associate with this energy
  3. Now take a few moments to ‘breathe the energy into the whole of your aura ‘ do this by imagining a bubble about 6 feet ‘out’ around you in a circle



If like many people you are ‘used to ‘ putting a lot of effort into anything which you want to see take shape you will have core beliefs that the Universe will constantly respond too – these are literally energetic programmes of vibration sequences that play in your emotional and mental ‘bodies’ – in order to attract more effortless opportunities into your life these beliefs need to be upgraded – now you may have many which need to be ‘spoken’ to you so you can ‘allow them to leave’ this is an alchemical process that I do for private clients in my Soulfire Sacred Healing & Clearing – however we have a secret top tip that will clear all of those beliefs for around 72 hours …..


Simply feel into the amount of effort / stress/ mental processing that you are ‘going through’ perhaps in relation to your finances, business or relationship and imagine putting ‘all of it’ like papers contained in heavy ring binder files into a big box, now say out loud ‘ Angels & Guides Clear All Of These Beliefs From My Consciousness, and Reboot and upgrade my belief system ‘ – your gorgeous loving team will be able to give you a ‘spring clean’ – note* it’s important to rest and drink as much water as you can and not ‘launch into any focused action for at leas 48 hours – that is because serious clean up is happening and you will be expending more energy than normal



I also have some top Secret tips for upgrading relationship experiences and one of these is perfect if you and your partner are having grumbles because of money, inlaws or children you can literally feel the unspoken energy and you really ARE feeling the unpsoken energy because it is REAL !

‘ Angels and guides please delete and erase all negative communications between me and _________ that are circulating on the psychic plane, please infuse every communication & future interaction with _________ with non stop energies of mutual love and respect thank you’ – this is a VERY powerful tip because you may think he or she doesn’t know how you feel, but every thought stays active on the psychic plane (4th & 2nd dimension ) and will be felt within your ‘family or relationship space’ that you share with your spouse/boyfriend/ girlfriend and so they will continue ‘acting as if ‘ you were speaking these words leaving no room for your relationship to heal …….


There is SO MUCH help for you – but if you don’t know about it you can’t receive it – in my life changing Soulfire Sacred Healing & Clearing we can work on


  • Teaching you how to energise the right people Situations and resources to make their way towards you
  • Teach you how to clear karmic soul contracts which prevent your next soul mate from coming in
  • Teach you how to create a new ‘TimeLine Template’ which means your ‘highest timeline’ will now manifest
  • Teach you how to be fully aligned with your higher self so you get guidance on every subject
  • Give you healing that goes beyond words that allows money, love and success to find you without you finding ‘it’

This work is SO loving and So life changing people are telling me after only 2 sessions they feel ‘changed and loved’ beyond words …..and that’s when the changes can manifest – and the good news is my sale is still on AND I HAVE A GIFT FOR YOU !


For the next 2 people who book Soulfire and pay in either 1 or 2 installments you will receive a 3 month oracle card reading ‘on me’ – the price is ONLY £299 – and there is even an installment option here’s what you get 


  • 3 1 to 1 sessions with me where we connect you to the divine they speak directly to you give you messages healing and upgrades on all topics affecting you
  • 3 free clearings inbetween your 1 to 1 sessions to keep the work going
  • Your very own clairvoyant on tap up to twice a week via email if you need any remote support
  • life time access to The Abundance Magnet
  • A Free 3 month forecast to show your highest path

We understand it’s ‘easier to hope that things will change – but will it happen if it hasn’ t already – we hope so but – if hoping and efforting isn’t enough and you want to know ‘for sure’ you are on the timeline (and there are 11 in any moment ) where things WILL change for you – jump on this offer I have only 2 left before my sale is closed – and it’s fine if you don’t want to use them now they can be used up until December but the price changes when 2 more have booked!

All the details are here



I am now away in in magical Glastonbury to promote my new retreat ‘Channelling The Divine’ if you do choose to book ill be back in touch with you on July 31st


Sending you so much love


Sheelagh and your ever present team

be brave be confident be who you came here to be





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