Your Inner Sekhmet- What She Wants You To Hear


You are amazing – and yet I see how tired you are from trying to please everyone


  • Your husband & family – you love them but they expect a lot and don’t see how hard you try
  • Your clients/work – you do your best but you feel depleted and have nothing left for you
  • Your manifestations – and how they just don’t seem ever to really flow in despite all the effort you put into trying to be happy
  • Your friends – your peers, what people want and what you can give and what you have left for yourself is just – well sometimes too much


I won’t tell you that everything will be sunshine and roses, because it isn’t – and I won’t tell you that unlimited abundance will come as a result of any ‘tool you use’ – what I will tell you is that purpose you have been trying so hard to bring to the world is ready to be born, and because of all the challenges you have right now – you are SO ready


Around the world there is a matrix of light, and there are pivotal times, and locations in which they must be activated, the economy, those in dire need of food and shelter, those being oppressed they can only receive the energy and healing they need if You strong sister step into your power and become one of the beacons – guiding the others home



I know – you ‘think’ your doing all you can, I know that adding ‘one more thing’ to your list feels like too much, and your focus is on getting the money or the clarity that will make Your life easier, then – you’l help others




Your ‘Inner Sekhmet’ is a powerful woman, she doesn’t waste her energy on those who don’t get her, she doesn’t waste her emotions on those who can’t receive, she doesn’t judge or condemn those that are on their own path, but she fully and completely understands what is hers and what is not


If you are experiencing any kind of energy being ‘shoved at you’, if you are experiencing any kind of ‘expectation you can’t fulfil’ and your treading on eggshells, or feeling held back by your current life, then you Inner Sekhmet will roar


‘The Hunter Goddess’ she is all about passionately pursuing what matters to you, passionately upholding your right to be happy, and loved and heard without any projections being made, she urges you to show the world ‘who you really are’ and even if you don’t think they’l get it ‘show them what you want and show them your light’


When your ready to Do what you came here to do certain things will happen


  • The relationships around you may try to placate you or keep you small, men can ask you to ‘find your place’
  • Friendships can become demanding, needy and judgemental as you ‘grow beyond what was agreed’
  • Money can seem to fall away as what you ‘did do’ no longer aligns with your higher but braver purpose
  • You can feel as if your isolated and need to be in nature, alone or in meditation
  • Busy environments can jar you and you know instantly what others really think and feel
  • Challenges come in that seem to be making you take a stand – that you’re scared to take



Your Higher Self is always with you urging you to be ‘who you really are’ and accept that things HAVE to change, it’s easy to resist change because we view it as bad and worry how this will affect our relationships and the ‘agreed norm’

Your higher self understands your fear, but she (or he ) will Only allow abundance & opportunities to come in if you grow through these challenges this means


  • evolving soul contracts and reaching new goals together or parting
  • Clearing up karmic energies from past lives regarding money, being seen, self belief and self love
  • Learning to clear your energy field and bring in the higher freqencies
  • Deeply connecting with your heart and living from a place of surrender
  • Boldly showing the Universe what you want with consistent committed actions


Now all of this is easy if you know precisely where your headed, but you see the head doesn’t know – your higher self holds your blue print and has her own agenda for what Really suits you – you know your not on the right soul path if


  • You’r spending so much energy in trying to make something happen which just doesn’t come in
  • The people around you are also not making changes to their lives
  • There is something you really would Love to do but you just can’t give yourself permission, others won’t understand


Your Inner Sekhmet does understand change is scary so we want you to know it doesn’t have to be ‘hard’ – when you partner with the divine the energy does the work for you


  • Your energy field is impregnated with Light Codes designed to help you expand
  • Your guides will clear you of empathic energies, thoughtforms from others and hooks cords and ‘competition’ energy
  • Soul contracts are ended, healed or begun anew
  • Vibrational medicines are downloaded to assist you in communicating with loved ones, clients and your Soul Tribe




We understand fear, we understand effort and we understand wanting to know – but we also know that you are ‘so much more than your mind’ you are also

  • Connected to a family soul group with old ideas
  • Connected to your higher self who has her own plans
  • Connected to the paths of soul mates who aren’t growing
  • Connected to the collective and take in fear based energies to do with money and success
  • Connected to the industry your in and ‘competition’ energies are fierce


We would love to ‘get you back to who you really are’ and help you to manifest the path your Meant to be on rather than the one your trying to ‘make fit’



I’m offering a free channelling chat to you if you’d like to find out who is with you and how they can help – this is perfect if your a healer, empath, coach or someone who feels they have gotten stuck we will


  • Pull 3 cards as my gift to you
  • Tell you who is with you and how they can help
  • Look at how aligned with your souls true path
  • Look at 3 karmic energies which are blocking love money and growth
  • Share with you how Sacred Soul Fire Clearing changes your life

And it’s FREE – all you have to do is look at my website www.sheelaghmaria.com – check out the pricing and be ready to invest in yourself – email me and let me know what times are good for you and with no obligation we’l see what spirit want to help you with – they created the world, they created you – they can help you create your world …..



For now remember this Your Inner Sekhmet won’ be tamed for long, if you don’t take the chance then life gets smaller until the energies in your life grind to a halt – this is a number 1 year what you do over the next 6 months forms the basis of what’s possible for the next 9 years – it really is now – or never


We wanna hear you ‘Roar’


hit reply and let me know when you’d like to talk!

With so much love

Sheelagh Maria and The Guides

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