Your Inner Shaman – & How She Kicks Ass ….


Every woman fulfills a multitude of tasks – wife, mother, healer, business guru, lover, bitch etc = but we are all essentially encompassing one common aspect – our desire to do our best whatever it takes.  All to often that can take so much out of us because we are not front of our que


And so – even though you are all those things for all those people you are SO MUCH MORE as well – every woman I have the honour of working with is shown to me as having past lives as priestess’s, healers, seers and medicine women



Here is a picture of me with my wolf, Larka – she works with me when I channel vibrational medicine into the auras of the women I work with, she sees spirit just like I do and she ‘grounds’ my energy so I can help you – but Most important is this – you are meant to help yourself



Every woman is connected to other lifetimes, you will have had lifetimes where you were in charge of many people, lifetimes where you had many riches, and yes of course life times when you were persecuted for your beliefs and ideals, there will have been times when you lost your life and times when you ran for your life – but not this time



In this life if you are reading this you have a direct superpower which will allow your purpose to unfold if you tap into it – now you don’t have to be clairvoyant but as a woman you are innately intuitive no matter your personal beliefs – your ‘superpower’ is your ability to tap into the non physical and receive downloads transmissions and yes even medicines to help yourself and others – this can look like



  • Knowing when a loved one or friend needs your support
  • Knowing when something is or isn’t going to unfold as expected
  • Realising when something isn’t aligned
  • Feeling a curious urge to do something only later to find out why
  • Recognising the synchronicity in the world around you through numbers, songs or other means
  • Knowing when someone is lying or their agenda is not as they say


Your ‘Inner Shaman’ can help you fulfil your purpose, and that if your reading this is Very likely to include helping others find theirs – only you can’t help them if you can’t help you …….





Friday 25th August I will be hosting a very special class to help your Inner Shaman learn how to recognise concrete aspects of your Soul Purpose – and you will take away the skills to help others ”Knowing Your Life Purpose’  – with Archangel Michael is a 2 hour class where I will share my secrets with you – you will learn 


  • how to use a pendulum to channel concrete answers through a ‘life purpose chart’
  • Receive your overall life theme for this life
  • Understand and raise your ‘abundance threshold’
  • Understand your current ‘core soul vibration’ and what this means for you
  • Reveal your ‘soul statement’ to help others as you help yourself
  • Receive your life vocation – healer, clairvoyant, coach, counsellor etc


This is so popular I have sold 7 seats already I only have 4 left – please don’t worry if you can’t make it live your class and all the pdf’ charts will be sent to you the day after for you to download and keep you will receive all the support whether you are live or not



We want you more than anything to be able to help yourself and then others – half the reason we don’t manifest our true potential is we don’t understand what that is – it’s only when you have some ‘definitions’ you can actually do away with them and exceed your minds limits – this is your chance – as a channel I will be happy to back up and confirm or guide you with what you get within 4 days of the class as my purpose is to help my sisters help themselves 


We are So excited to teach you actual tools that you can use in your life and with your friends family or clients the charts are for you to keep and you can use them to guide (but not share ) with others


So – are you gonna allow your Inner Shaman To Lovingly and Oh So Stylishly Kick Ass ?  We would love to help you do that your chance is here just £39 for this class that can if you use a pendulum change your life


For now though remember however empowered or unempowered you feel YOU and nobody else ( certainly not me ) are the answer you are Completely undefinable, but when your circumstances feel limiting financially or emotionally or physically it can be hard to fathom that and I do not want you dear sister to feel ‘this is as good as it gets’ – I was in a refuge 2 failed marriages bankruptcy and ill children – it ALL turned around for me – You CAN and WILL do this too if you want too don’t worry about ‘how’ just take the first step


We believe in you and we are here to help you help yourself


Sending SO MUCH sister love


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