Intuition – Use it to Expand Money, Business & Soul Mates



So many people are ‘waking up; right about now,  this is probably happening to you but you may not have ‘pegged it’ yet…..are you…..

  • Feeling that you are stuck and you have tried but nothings shifting?
  • Know that ‘something bigger’ is calling you – yet you have no clue as to ‘what?
  • Realise that you have people around you who now don’t seem to ‘get you’ anymore?
  • Perhaps your relationships, job, or business just doesn’t feel like the right ‘fit’ any longer?


Many lightworkers arranged to be the way-showers for the rest of humanity, the only thing is we are human too, so when that alarm clock goes off for us it can

  • mean you keep getting run down even sick
  • mean that relationships have gone downhill
  • Show up as people wanting more from you than you can give
  • Even friends and loved ones seeming resentful or hurtful

This is because your actual DNA is changing, you are becoming more not less sensitive, and other peoples energy is not as full of the light as you naturally are, this means that they sense the change in you that they can’t see and it threatens them.

Developing your gifts means :

  • You will understand where they are at – and navigate it together
  • Be able to heal yourself quicker with light
  • Be able to attract the resources you need
  • Improve relationships with people that are negative
  • Help those people around you
  • Get the answers you need about Your Purpose

Developing your gifts NEVER threatens anything it only EVER enhances everything and because Light is the source of the Universe you will always be protected secure and supported



Hone your intuition

  • Attract soul mates that stay
  • Attract Soul Clients that pay (and stay)
  • Attract abundance that increases
  • Attract laughter fun and joy
  • Attract opportunities that right now you can’t imagine as being ‘right’ for you

So because I am SO passionate about people realising how practical developed intuition is I am giving away a free mini reading to the last 2 people that take up the live slots on my webinar – I also have 2 replays left if you want to benefit from the wisdom of my team.

You need to email me quickly ‘yes please live ‘ or ‘yes please remote’ and if you’re in – you win!

I’m sending you love and magic and also encouragement to remember that you can manifest clarity with your team


With love

Sheelagh and your team

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