It Came In Like A Wrecking Ball …..


This is how it feels – when we think change is being thrust upon us with no ability to control it or avoid it and for many you may think ‘what did I do to attract this ?’


Your Angels want you to have the answer to that – everything!

As your higher self in the 7th and 8th dimension you came here for change growth and expansion and when things get too comfortable or stuck for too long change will loom …..


Your angels want you to know it isn’t bad in fact it will if you don’t avoid it defineately lead to good things but ….

you have to be ready and willing to grow and by this we mean get bigger, stronger, bolder and ‘more who you really came here to be not who you have the energy or money to be right now ‘ but who you truly are





You have a huge team but they can only help you if you step up – you’ve gotta get away from looking at how ‘being more positive will solve all your problems’ and actually take some clear decisions as to what you are going to do for things to unfold in a more positive way this can look like


  • Being dead honest about who you can keep in your life and what you need to stop doing
  • Doing some major energy clearouts where beings, contracts, old beliefs and even what you think you are her to do – update the whole shizzle pile
  • Admit what doesn’t turn you on and on the other hand
  • What Does turn you on
  • DO something this month not this year about it
  • Have a clearing session with your angels to get your shit bejazzled and get the messages you know you need but maybe are scared to have
  • Stopping for a moment what you are doing and ask ‘can i live with what i’m being?’



So this is who I’m NOT – I’m an angel messenger and angel alchemist straight up we will not tell you what to do

but we will tell you how it ‘should be’ for you as a soul – we will then do everything we can to help you to be ready to do what needs to be done – more importantly we will highlight the magical abilities you have as a higher self and how your hear to use them in other words are you


  • A Messenger who gives messages from a variety of beings without cards
  • A Wayshower who sees timelines gives an overview and life life lessons
  • A healer Conduit or Alchemist who helps people get ready to help themselves


We can help you with all of this but first you gotta help yourself this is my Favourite picture of Miley she doesn’t give a rats ass about being little miss perfect she came here to catalyse everyone out of their asses and kick themselves and their out dated perspectives into touch – she is bad ass not everyones cup of tea but she is effective and she is my version of what your life is asking you to do – let the wrecking ball come in stop avoiding it and DO what you came here to do



If you would like some help either with Money Self Employment or Relationships then my one hour clearing is for you and it is Kick Ass so do expect changes as a result – if you want those messages you need then book the one hour angel session but if you are ready to kick ass it like Me and Miley then look at my new Angel Messenger Wayshower or Alchemist and Conduit training – book your free 20 min Angel chat now – please ONLY do this if you ARE ready to kick ass and aren’t avoiding your path and are willing to invest in it and you


Pm me if you dare



Sheelagh and your kick ass team


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