Karma’s a b**** – and she’ back ……what she wants to show you

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Last week I introduced you to ‘Karma’ – yes that b****h! and explained how ‘she isn’t what she seems like – in fact she’s got her gloves on to do the dirty work….to help you…..now let’s explore this further.


In the last 5 weeks, life has been hard for me, my heart child got ill, my husband got ill and then old health issues flared up for me.  I started my cycle Christmas Eve when a debt I didn’t realise I owe (potentially in the thousands) came up and bit me in the arse…..


It hurt – boy did it hurt.  I’d been managing everything just about with a smile on my face and had been nurturing my energy levels, and yet when this hit everything else came ‘up’ and dumped themselves on me too and honestly I admit – there were times I howled out of sheer fear and tiredness, and I’m the one who helps others clear their crap.



Anyways, what my team told me is that these ‘karmic effects’ were centuries old, the lifetimes where I had walked away from situations I was meant to face, circumstances where I had sacrificed my own needs, and this lifetimes legacy of ‘doing too much for people’ and getting absolutely zero recognition for it, all came up all that stuff i thought I had healed, HAD to be faced and gone through – again.



Last Sunday night, I was so ill I would up in hospital, having spent hours in agony, I knew without doubt not only was this karmic I had been psychically attacked and I was honestly at my lowest point, I was ready to give up on several levels.  The only level in fact where I had no doubt was my marriage which was my rock to cling too.


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As I spoke with spirit on the Monday – they told me straightly ‘Sheelagh, all this shite since Christmas has been there, it’s been shoved in a drawer, and all your attempts to brighten your light weren’t working, not with this baggage….’  they spared no blushes and told me I was far more comfortable dealing with my stuff, than facing it and letting it go, because that was messy, and a risk and really kinda ‘unfair’ considering all the work I do, having said that we are not allowed to ‘advance past go’ until we ‘clear our bottom drawer’



For me – I had plenty of clearing still to do, attachments to break free from, illusions of money making me safe, so much so I needed ‘more and more’ to feel secure – screwy right ?  It was all that stuff that was preventing me from receiving more



‘Karma’ is a mirror, putting it simply your soul has decreed it’s time to ‘cut the crap’ it’s time to step up and take your bow, it’s time to stop focusing on ‘how stuck and blocked you are’ – yes many of us are right now, and DO something about it …..Karma is simply a pool of house dust, that has accumulated over time, she isn’t bad or good, she simply ‘is’ 



Karma is here to show you absolutely and obviously what is NOT working so that you can clear it (like a dress that doesn’t fit any more no amount of jigging is gonna make it work girl…..) only once you HAVE cleared it will you be ABLE to see what you want to see (or need to know) does this make sense ?


3 Ways You Know Karma Is Blocking Your Flow

  • What once brought you joy and felt full of pleasure and promise now is a situation going round in circles, and it’s not feeling any better – this is because you are in ‘gridlock’ possibly carrying other peoples karma this is where a soul mates point of attraction affects you to a point where their problems now become yours money is a great example clients falling off is another
  • You feel that you are more sensitive than you have been, you are beginning to doubt your role or            cause and you are beginning to feel like it would be easier to give up – this is common when you are being attacked from anti spirit energies they wait until you are down in the dumps and then attach themselves to the ‘wealth area’ ‘relationship area’ ‘spiritual area’ or ‘business area’ and feed on your fear which of course generates more hopelessness and it spreads further….        
  • You feel that you have so many blocks on so many different fronts you have no clue where to start  this  is likely because there is a gridlock energy wise, your own vibration is probably right down and then the other fun starts, you won’t find one magic answer or one magic tool that changes it all and this will also increase your frustration, yet take heart this all happened for a reason and it too has a golden opportunity for you….




Two ways to change this on a surface level are 

  1. say thank you for the difficulties and the lesson and the pain and the stagnation KEEP saying thank you.  The more grateful you are for the lesson – as well as asking what the lesson is on the internal world, the lesson will pass quicker
  2. say ‘I Am Supported ‘ and keep saying it, keep affirming you Are supported and the air around you will change to echo this…. you still need to do the work you gotta do but you won’t be holding the wisdom at bay because you are affirming that yes the support you need is to understand what you need to heal or release….

Some of you will want to ‘do’ something about it, and get the energy clear (we can help there) some of you will want to wait it out and see if it can change with no action taken, we want you to know that you Are being called to review where you are and How you are being who you are, it now Must change – how quickly this happens as always is up to you and the resources you choose to use……

And we leave you with this ‘who would you be without these attachments, and challenges? Who would you be without these problems and fears?  What are you preventing yourself from becoming?  What is it you are scared of losing?’  let go of THESE fears and attachments and the blocks will dissolve


We love you and send you much encouragement


Sheelagh and your team

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