Emotional Breakthroughs & Your Abundance Centers

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Hello gorgeous soul – how are you enjoying these fruity new energies ?


So many of us are being hit by reoccuring stability issues and I’d love to share a private moment


This week was my birthday, one which is traditionally hit and miss, it’s the anniversary of my darling mums death, and it’s also been a time of huge transition for me historically so it’s always been a time of awareness and even melancholy


This year, my amazing husband treated me to a weekend away in Ireland, home of my soul, and it was on paper going to be magical – but first old feelings loomed and then I got ‘done’ for speeding and we also missed our flight – the upshot was that what felt magical soon felt like a stress fest, and in the short term I recognised this as old layers being peeled away – I couldn’t exactly vent at the policemen and the flight checker in wasn’t going to be easily moved, so I did what so many of us do in those moments smiled deeply breathed slowly and yes supressed my reactions


The weekend moved on and it Was so magical I had awakenings, downloads and was given new information to bring home – however when I arrived home late last night, as I had been warned I felt highly irritated and my husband found me playing football with some cardboard boxes round the lawn – put simply too much was expected by those around me and I expected far too much of myself


As a result of this flow has resumed and I’m in a much more relaxed and softer space – where abundance can flow through my centers easily and gracefully because I allowed my frustration to be vented…..


Your Abundance is directly related to ‘your flow’ and if you are suppressing your emotions, trying to make out you are happy with what drives you mad, or putting up with other peoples stories when you know deep down boundaries should be laid, then your Abundance centers will get blocked and right now that can arise in more of the same in bigger ways


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Did you Know that


  • You have at least 3 out of body ‘abundance chakras’
  • It’s possible to change your ability to manifest from ‘partially’ to ‘instantly ‘
  • Your root stomach and solar plexus have individual settings ‘just for you’ – having all of them open actively creates havoc mood swings and chaos if that’s not what is meant for you
  • Karma from your family line can instantly make your point of attraction back pedal especially if it’s wealth karma, money karma or family karma
  • Your strongest abundance centre is above your head in your ‘spirit rings’ if these are blocked or contaminated you are likely to have high stress levels and low abilities to turn water into wine

We know this sounds ‘all very well’ but what can You do about it ?


I have spent years and months gathering cutting edge information about our spiritual systems and how we can work with our own energy to change increase and multiply our flow and in fact in this weeks newsletter I’m going to be sharing a very simple technique to increase your experience of Abundance – look out for this


Right now the message is simple – look for your mirrors look at what’s being shown to you by other people and answer these three questions wherever you can – it sounds daft and it’s not a gimmick I use this myself it really works



  1. What is my responsibility here – IS this my responsibility truly?
  2. What am I sending out as a signal by sticking with / allowing this to continue?
  3. Where am i not stepping into my true power ?
  4. Can I let my feelings through without owning the situation as a story?

Just asking and answering these questions in relations to ‘your stuff’  really allows new awareness’s to be born – I’d love to hear from you what you realise as a result of asking these questions


Remember as well that Rome truly wasn’t built in a day, and the more you ‘cling’ to a situation outcome or idea the less it can flow in, the softer and more easy you are about ‘all manner of mix ups’ will allow the energy to soften flow and the new to flow in – yes even with those things you Need to change now


It truly is possible to manifest abundance in every day ways, but the first thing to do is let go of the ‘what’ and rather look at just be aware of the energy of the ‘why


With immense love to you

Sheelagh and your team


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