Kicking Karma’s Ass – Booting Her Out Of Your Relationships

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Good morning gorgeous – and as we head up to valentines day we want to give you idea of how ‘external energy’ can and does affect different areas of our lives, in this blog post I am talking candidly about relationships.



So I am a happily married lady (cue lady ? well let’s make that ‘chick’ I DO have superhero pink hair in pigtails AFTER all and I CAN kick ass) whose husband does so much for – well everyone.  Now taking you back to one ‘not so snowy night’ I can tell you I/we had a shock financially, it was in fact Chistmas eve, and nobody was as quiet as a mouse in our house, but anyway – we got a shock – I knew that this had ‘come from somewhere’ as we are lucky enough to be financially consistent most of the time.  I sat and duly did my nodding dog impression with spirit, who informed me that el ‘ex wifeeo had transmitted her energy down a cord to my husband, it then seeped like an evil slime into our world and ‘infected us both’.


This energy, showed up for both of us in a five week period, it wasn’t nice, it was messy, scary and I don’t know how I kept a smile on my face, it didn’t affect our marriage emotionally, but it did place a strain on the everyday stuff.  This energy, had been sent due to ‘uncleared karma’ between them.


Now I don’t do ‘the blame game’ the el exeo is a woman same as me, and although her perspectives a are a little skewed, I absoloutely uphold her right to be supported in relation to her children, at least for a short time longer.  But, this energy had nothing to do  with them, and everything to do with her anger, guilt fear and yes consternation that he had ‘moved on’ and ‘dared to be happy’ .  So the Light worker part of me sends her so much love, the wifely part of me is fed up of ‘their crap’ affecting us, so i cleared it – and within 24 hours literally my husband sold his house And found a tenant.  Amazing yes ?


Not really, you see karma is just a collection of energy like house dust, it pools in places in our aura, and it collects or ‘can be directed’ at where it would hurt us most, I’d like to say this is entirely subconscious on the part of el exeo – but to be honest, I can’t be sure……





This weekend valentines day reminds us often of everything our romances are ‘not’ – and that can be hard when the outside world is having ‘Such Fun’…….so i have compiled a checklist of how you know if karma is meddling and then what you can do about it ….see we understand (brushes off her pink lycra suit and boots )


Kiss My Ass Checklist…..

  1.  Does your relationship seem to suddenly be ‘about everyone else’ the step kids, the mother in law, whose got to be where and how they would feel if they weren’t there ?  – now if this has Always been the case it’s likely karma was brought in when this thing started, but if it’s just happened, someone’s diddling here….
  2. Do you always seem to be aware of someone else’s expectations even if they are unmentioned do you almost ‘wait for the phone to ring’ or ‘wait for a text to come through’ when you happen to do something for you guys? – this is really common when a cord or hook has been established and ‘guilt’ energy is being projected on a daily basis
  3. Would it be fair to say that the idea of vamping things up just wouldn’t have ‘that affect’ because you are both so bloody tired ? – And why would you, you’ve been together forever and this is just ‘how relationships are ?’ – now if this is really your bag fine, but if not too long ago you loved your boat being rocked (aherm) then this can be ideas and projections being ‘spoon fed to you’ even patterns from other marriages/relationships can be sent in -very sneaky under the guise of ‘this is all to do with you guys nothing to do with me/us’

Now it would be entirely unfair to say that every ex, or every mother in law is doing this, very often it can come from relationships long spent and gone, or even from marriages or relationships from past lives.  Those energies can reach out and tickle the butts of our partners and when the partners begin to identify with One set of karmic values, the others all come flooding in as the party sign’s been put up




Kicking Karma’s Butt……Your ABC


A Asses if this is going on for you, do you feel that things have changed, do you find yourself feeling resigned to ‘how things are’ simply because the energy to change things isn’t there ……Once you know the problem you can move to the solution

B. Blame doesn’t help, if puff the magic dragon whisked your mother in law away or that lady from the chippy it wouldn’t make any difference because usually the karma is coming ‘through you’ or ‘through the partner’ and therefore it is You guys you have to clear not remove or order a hit on anyone else – it’s time to decide if you are ready to accept the idea that relationships are like children, they ‘feed’ off the energy each party brings in, and it has a consciousness of it’s own.  Once you hoover up all of the old stuff, you can see what’s underneath, until you’ve done that you don’t know you likely ‘still have a treasure that’s so worth keeping’ and is precious to you.

C. Clear and create, clearing the karma is something you CAN do by affirming ‘I now ask that all negative karma be complete and cleared’ yet it won’t always stop it coming back, I tried this and el exeo just did her dastardly thing again so clearing and re educating ‘all parties’ at soul level is what needs to be done.  But then you need to create what you desire, the loving secure connection that feels SO GOOD, and yes you deserve it


We are asking each of you to know this valentines day that help Is available, you don’t have to be a super hero to deal with what’s going down ( or – perhaps what isn’t lol) but you do have to be prepared to Do something about it


I am offering the first 5 people to reply to me a Short message from spirit as to the karmic energy that is involved in your relationship and also a quick message to help you understand how that is affecting you these are not readings they are gifts from me to help you move forward through this ‘cranky and productive phase’


Support is only a hop skip and a jump away – if you are wanting more help with anything in your life visit my ‘work with me page’ to find clearings and readings on all areas, business, relationship and good old fashioned life itself


Remember Karma can only come in when things have gotten stale or stagnant anyway, and  you have the option to sit on ‘her’ or kick her butt to the kerb.


Wishing you magic miracles and support


Sheelagh and your team




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  1. I loved this blog Sheelagh! I always love reading your work. I regards to my relationship and Karma- I tend to sense a lot of blockage from my fears of my past. Things that have happened before and the fear of someone doing them again tends to come up when certain triggers happen. Unfortunately it’s escalated at this time in our relationship because of the struggle with outside things such as finances, jobs, and daily life. It’s hard to move past that energy especially when fear is such a big take over.

  2. I’m not asking for anything without offering a contribution to honor our intentions. I would like some karmic information, and I will soon have the resources to afford it. Thank you, and I send you much love!!!

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