What Kind Of Soul Are You – And What Gifts Are You Here To Share?

As a soul you cannot be defined – by your very nature you came here to grow, experience new ways of thinking and being to the point where transformation is a continuous experience – yet here in the physical it can feel highly challenging knowing what your purpose is and what your gifts are to help yourself and others – understanding yourself as a soul can make this much easier

The Earth Soul has lived most of their past and parallel lives on earth and is like a person whose life moves around the area they were born in, your ability to manifest on earth is high as long as you are motivated and positive.  You will experience periods of frustration when you feel as though your work is hampered by the stories of others,  As an Earth soul your environment is important  there may be a tendency to  deplete your energy which in turn can lead to periods of low self belief this is the one area you need to be aware of as it hampers your natural gift of Clear Knowing and your ability to ‘know who others are and where they are blocked’ As an earth soul you are great at being a down to earth coach, healer or tarot reader and helping people with their most urgent life issues


The Angel Soul has lived most of their life on earth in service to others.  You may be born into a family who feel very different to you and who you don’t always feel truly connected too.  You may have been bullied as a child and have felt isolated from your peers growing up.  You will have been drawn to jobs where service was key or tried to serve others in whatever role you fulfil. As an Angel soul it is imperative you understand you are not just here ‘for others’ when you feel ‘one of a gang’ your natural ability to network to feel others pain and to help them through your own experience all come to the fore – your natural zone of genius is empathy so a career in counselling, emotional or intuitive healing and your ability to sense the guidance of your clients guides and angels will assist you in serving them.  At the same time your soul is asking you to become more aware of your ‘other hidden’ talents that you may not feel so confident about which is clairvoyance ‘seeing what is likely to evolve’ and empowering others to make this a positive thing



The Elemental Soul has had many lives as part of the nature kingdom including animals elemental beings and also having been part of the ‘elemental higher realms’ such as the Magical Realms, a kinship with Atlantis and Lemuria and all things tribal passionate and energetic.  You are here on earth to move in a non linear fashion so your likely to have been a dreamy child into one thing then another, often in your ‘own world’ .  People would describe you as ‘not always here’ on some subjects yet passionately motivated by others.  Creativity is your prana and you will feel passionately that you have a message and a ethic to share.  You will manifest opportunities through being outspoken or different to those around you and you may draw much attention from the opposite sex.  You won’t want to conform and will be looking for the ‘next opportunity’ to make your mark – your gift undoubtedly is Clairvoyance but also Clairaudiance although the idea of ‘hearing ghosts’ may put you off for life.  Your super power is helping people discover their abilities and you are a natural intuitive advisor even if you are logical with your delivery – your biggest challenge is frustration because things don’t happen as quickly or as seamlessly as you would like but part of your Souls purpose is to learn to manifest in many areas at once and deduce where the energy is flowing the strongest


The Galactic Soul has had many lives in star realms, has and still does interact with star beings and is attuned to the energy of wisdom and growth.  You may find your life so far has been highly disappointing you may feel you haven’t achieved as much as you think you should.  You will look at life as a ‘mission ‘ and be focused on ‘how far you can get’ and how much you can learn .You may feel despondent and detached from the physical world and the times you have tried to get others to see what really matters and they ‘don’t get it’ you feel frustrated and detach quickly.  Your job is likely to be working in a self help manner for yourself or others but the ‘real goal’ for you is always expansion.  You may feel limited by what you are currently living and feel ‘all tried out’ when it comes to manifestation.  As a Galactic soul you can only manifest on earth when you are fully grounded but also fully challenged mentally AND spiritually to learn new concepts but Also have a meaning behind your learning – you are the Teacher of all the souls.  One of your super powers is channelling although this may not be in the conventional form and you also have the gift of clairaudiance this is necessary for you to connect with your star guides who constantly try and get your attention.  The idea of developing your gifts may have been appealing to you but you need to know ‘why’ before you go any further just how would doing this help you or in fact anyone else – with your knowledge – an awful lot in fact


We are offering you the chance to find out more about your gifts and develop them in a Special broadcast  where you will be given more information about your purpose here on earth ‘ Your Soul Purpose & Super Powers‘ is a special 90 min session I’m offering from November 10th which covers


  • What your personal Life Purpose is for 2018 & the challenges you may face
  • How your supposed to evolve your career & relationships in alignment with your Soul Purpose
  • What God wants you to know about your impact on earth for others
  • Where you are ‘off path’ and how to get back on – vital if your business or job is not wowing you any more
  • 6 cards pulled about your biggest personal challenge
  • Where do your existing relationships fit into your long term soul plan
  • Your gifts as they are now and as they will be
  • Receive a Upgrade For Your Money Relationships or gifts


This is a super powerful jam packed session which will change your life and the way you feel about ‘now’ forever – we will endeavour to answer all your questions and give you much more to think about besides – these are super powerful because the very fact you are commiting to your path in this way allows your guides to step in – I only have 5 of these due to existing commiments so jump on them if it sings to your soul They are just £99 and come via zoom and are recorded for you to keep and refer back to


‘Yes Please I want to know how to use my Super Powers in 2018’

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    I’m Alfredo, Kristine’s husband. I think she mentioned to you that I would like to get a reading. Not sure if this 90’ session is still available (looking at the dates it seems to be from last year). You can contact me via FB (I’m also in Stardust) to sort it out, I think it would be easier than e-mail, but up to you! Looking fwd to hearing from you, Best, AL

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