Last week my heart got broke big time – it didn’t feel good



I also saw people projecting at each other (not around me this time) and blaming each other for what wasn’t working well for them

And many people being scared of losing money – and not knowing how to change it all

There are lessons everywhere right now, that have to be learnt in order for us to change anything.

They can feel harsh and it can feel as if we don’t know what to do except pretend that we are happy, you probably know right now that doesn’t change anything and more evidence like it just flows on top within days

For me, the lesson was surrender, I had to grieve for my son, and I had to come to terms that there was nothing I could do, slowly I made my way back to peace and acceptance and now joy, and now I’m ready to take action to attract my next level of abundance

It can be this way for you too – it doesn’t have to be that

  • the mistrust and the fear keep affecting your relationships
  • that the money you have dwindles and becomes erractic
  • that everything you touch doesn’t work
  • that clients don’t buy from you despite saying they’re interested
  • that you can’t tell the guidance you hear from your own mind

All of that is ‘old hat’ and truly doesn’t allow us in any way to receive the abundance that is right for us – but without we do something different the cycle just continues

It’s also hard to do anything different when you have zero energy, no stamina, feel frustrated and don’t have any more money than you did at the beginning of the month in fact you have less and you’re fed up


We understand life isn’t a fairy tale, it’s real, it’s challenging but it can also be exciting and rewarding, but it all starts with you doing something different so you can be something different and then attract something different – i’m very straight I’m not saying I have a magic answer but I can be the catalyst that puts you in the receiving mode, and that one small decision can be the one that changes everything else for you moving forward

I remember – having no money, second hand clothes with holes in , children torn between two unhappy ex parents, and no hope of getting a job to support myself and my family. It all changed for me when I decided that I needed to feel happy – I needed to feel hopeful – no matter what my situation was right now.

Even though I was getting judged left, right and centre and to the outside world nothing changed, I contacted a lady and ordered a reading which put me where i am today – I had to save for 10 weeks to pay for that reading, I had to forego my yoga classes, and I had to forego my one bottle of wine a week, I had to prioritize what was really important – that I needed to show the Universe and myself that I was important enough to be committed to – that reading gave me the courage to start developing my gift, and within 3 months I was working as a professional on a well known Psychic Line, that’s when everything started for me.

Your guides know that you are fed up of trying, that you need it to be a lot easier than it is, they understand you are helping people on many fronts and really don’t have that much left for you – so let me take you by the hand and take you to a magical place where they are waiting to be that catalyst for you – Midsummer Magic is here


Midsummer Magic is a place where muggles meet magic in practical ways, there is a huge discount on a magical session with me, and a free manifesting report from the Fae – all it takes is one decision that it IS going to change today – that alone will change everything else in small ways at first

Are you ready ? Then come this way

With love magic and miracles,

Sheelagh and your team

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