Lightworker Activations

Lightworkers Activations Level One

Are You A lightworker who feels stuck? Are you tired of going round in circles because there’s a situation or person that just Won’t change no matter how much you give or try?

Do you feel your natural gifts aren’t expressed as fully as they could be – yet you lack direction or clarity as to why you’re here?

Lightworkers are sensitive to the unseen & so much of the energy around us right now is chaotic and fearful, I know myself how hard it is to help others when you can’t admit how unhappy or scared you feel about your core security However we are energy first and foremost – so when you change the actual energy that you are * your entire aura – your reality has to mirror this to you!

Lightworker activations

Lightworker Activations – why take this course?

Lightworkers Activations is for you if you feel stuck and have, tried everything else 8 weeks of magic and tuition on everything from alchemy through to support with your personal challenges

8 weeks of love and magic 11 live lessons aimed at helping you overcome your fear of change. Goal setting, increasing your money parameters, creating and anchoring a new timeline. Spiritual portal work Meditations Clearings and Readings Weekly Personal guidance on your biggest challenges as you take New steps Learn how to reprogramme your entire path with Activations from the Angels, Dragons, Fairies and more Become your own alchemist Perfect for you if you know you deserve to be fully fulfilled and happy and using your gifts to help others in this world.

All of this is designed to help you to help yourself this life changing course is just £399 for two months of support

‘It sounds great but I can’t afford it right now ‘?

‘I understand completely how trapped you can feel when you’re in a relationship that’s stale especially if you have children relying on you – I also know what a struggle it can be to show up day after day when you have nobody on your side to guide you and no hope in sight of your path getting easier – let me ask you this from a place of love – if this Doesn’t Change  – what will that cost you? Financially? Emotionally?

‘I know it is easier to ‘stay safe’ but in reality, if things don’t get bigger they get smaller – and often that causes us immediate loss – with this course I am personally promising if you don’t like the first two weeks you will get a full refund no questions asked.

‘It’s time to put your own happiness first – only then can you help them’

‘yes – it’s time I Did do something for myself and this HAS to change – I deserve SO much more’

Lightworker Activations Course

1 Payment £399

Bonus Gifts!

As soon as you book you will also receive Angel Healing Audio Relationship Healing Audio

And if you choose the one payment option you will also receive a personal channelled message from the angels. We are so excited to see your Light Activated and shining – With 100% belief in you

Sheelagh and the team

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