Archangel Michael Psychic Healing Modality

‘Archangel Michael is The most powerful Archangel there is,
he is both an incredible source of clarity & truth & also a powerful healer and teacher – this modality is perfect for anyone who has already had some experience with healing but wants to
develop to a higher level and also for those new to Spiritual Healing

Split into two parts the first half focuses on YOUR healing so that your energy Is as strong & as loving as it can be, & the second part teaches you ground-breaking techniques to heal your loved ones &
clients in powerful ways. 

Sessions are 45 mins long and are recorded for your benefit. 



or 3 Payments of £148 

Session 1 – ‘Healers Blocks’
In this session we work energetically & Psychically with
Archangel Michael to identify any and all blocks to you trusting your existing abilities these
include beliefs common in the healer that prevent you from doing what you came here to
do these include

Session 2 – Your Soul Purpose Now
An in-depth session with Archangel Michael to clarify your soul type soul group and mission
upon earth. He will also pinpoint where you are limiting yourself, and connect you to the
highest vision possible for you at this time.

Session 3- Archangel Michael Activation
In this session we will teach you how to protect your aura & how to know you are
connected to Archangel Michael
Michael will attune you to his energy using several ‘Psychic Medicines’ and you will be given
the opportunity to give me messages from him to practice before we move into the second
part of your tuition

Sessions 4 – 6 Partnering With Archangel Michael’
Over these next 3 sessions you will learn
How to give emotional healing to your clients or loved ones
How to give Physical healing & how to tap into a client’s energy to receive guidance
How to send powerful Trance healing to your clients on any topics they need help with
How to channel Archangel Michael verbally to give constructive advice. 

Session 7
is your opportunity to ask for any further guidance that you need & includes a
final Healers Activation to prepare you for your path ahead

By the end of this course you will be one of the few healers that can also advise people on a
wide variety of life issues, as well as being able to create lasting change in your clients lives –
we will also attune you so that you can give your clients the following healings
Archangel Michaels Relationship healing
Archangel Michaels Financial healing
Archangel Michaels Break free healing
Archangel Michaels soul healing
`These powerful psychic medicines are not available anywhere else

Book now – 1 Payment of £400 or 3 Payments of £148