Lightworker Development With Archangel Michael

Once you have an idea of what your abilities are it’s going to feel important to get going. This package gives you 5 sessions with me
• We start with a Lightworker & Psychic n activation where I will look at your current abilities and boost them as much as possible, I will also highlight any blocks that come up for you to work through at your own pace
• Part of being a lightworker is overcoming our own doubts and fears and for this reason I will give you some advice regarding being able to tell your connected and that you can trust what you receive
 • You will learn how to connect with Archangel Michael & your own Spirit Guides Safely & Clearly & how to do this for others as well and relay their messages
• 2 Archangel Michael Psychic Clearing routines to enable you to help
your clients with their Spiritual Development
• You will also learn how to read the akashic records
• Archangel Michael will also teach you how to remove negative energies from yourself and others as well
• You will also learn to connect with Spirit Guides for yourself and others and give messages about their Life Path
This Package is perfect if you want to experience the presence of Light beings and use your abilities to create powerful change in people’s lives. 

Please ensure you have read our terms and conditions before you order this reading.


or 2 Payments of £222

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