Lightworker & Starseed Reading

In this reading we will explore your, why you came to earth, and what you need to know about your life purpose to move forth
This reading is a 45 min session live with me, where you will also find out the priority you set for this life, and what is your
 priority for this year
• Find out what type of soul you are and what this means for your
journey on earth this time
• Find out what your current Soul Purpose is for this year and who you’re
here to help • What other gifts or abilities are there for you to develop ?
• What Archangelic Realm did your soul train in and what does that mean for this life ?
Perhaps you don’t yet fully understand what it is you want to do – in this case I am able to ask Archangel Michael what would suit you best whether that be mediumship, healing work, or psychic work
We can also look at your connection to other star systems and answer any questions you have about your soul origins
After this session you will feel much clearer about your purpose and your next steps.

Please ensure you have read our terms and conditions before you order this reading.


Live via Zoom

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