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Hello beautiful soul as we head towards the most magical time of the year I invite you to come join me for a 3 day sparkle fest in ‘Activations – for Lightworkers who are stuck’ a small group on facebook where I will be sharing FREE readings and advice including


How. to scan your aura psychically and find out why your stuck

How to tell if a partners energy is holding your path back

What to do if someone around you refuses to grow

The 3 reasons your not able to grow your gifts

What your destiny is

Anchoring a new time line

5 Different types of Lightworker – which are you ?

This group is completely free and the work starts now – we are in a year of expansion and it’s bringing people to their knees before they get back up – a lightworker who is stuck is an empath – and you can’t help them if you don’t help you


You see the very atoms that you are * not just your thoughts and feelings – but your actual physical body and the energy within those atoms is what you will keep getting unless they change in light quotia – as an alchemist this is what I’m trained to do – and I’m excited to teach you to do this for yourself – magic is real but if you don’t use it it can’t help!


Lightworkers Activations Level One teaches alchemy with Dragons Angels and Fairies – how to invoke their energy into your aura so your whole world changes from the inside out


Are you a lightworker stuck in a rut ?

Are you married to someone who is stuck in a rut ?


We can help


Check out the course which launches on Samhain October 31st and come join the free Activation Group here


It’s not too late all the classes are going to be posted – if you NEED help you don’t have – you can get 8 weeks of personal readings healings and tuitions trance clearings weekly in this course – it’s time to put Your happiness first


With 100% belief in you

Sheelagh and the team

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