A Little Help From Your Friends ?

Saturday afternoon I sat in the garden and balled my eyes out, certain situations & triggers where I saw how I didn’t feel I had done, was or gave enough mirrored at me by the expectations of others – and this is happening to so many of my sisters and brothers…..it can feel like grief, extreme anxiety, stress or simply vulnerability – yet through it all in my garden around me stood Michael, Gabriel and the Fairies guiding me through safely to the light – they showed me how only through allowing the old to leave the new can enter……

This is happening because we’re in the middle of  the Opening Of The Lions gate & the retrograde – waves of light entering the earth and allowing all our fears and frustrations to be seen and released – sounds awful can feel awful but in actuality it means


  • No longer trying to control the uncontrollable
  • Realising you don’t have to figure it out and do it alone
  • Allowing your true path to unfold
  • Allowing God/Source/The Divine to step in
  • Living in grace rather than a state


The GOOD news is that this is where your new path unfolds – but only when you fully let go of the how and the when!






The Divine Wants To Support But You Have To Let It In……’Opening To The Divine’ is my free gift o you – just click play and receive …https://youtu.be/IUKoqQZApQ0




Your Angels understand your mind thinks you ‘should know how’ – but they want to tell you clearly if the mind Knew how you would already have the answers and results you want …..we want to help you to open to the plan your soul has for you – and it requires nothing but your energy field being strong and full enough of the energy of your soul so that your Souls Fire can burn a path leading you to the outcomes you can only ‘effort towards’ at this point




Imagine you had your own medicine woman and healer on tap to help you with your dilemmas – just feel how it would be to know for sure that you are supported

  • Healings for business/ clients ?Soulmates to enter your life
  • Knowing You ARE without doubt hearing your angels
  • Learning how to work with your unique soul type to manifest
  • Abundance clearings which work continually
  • Oracle card readings every week
  • Your very own clairvoyant championing your cause


That’s what you get with Soulfire – passionate help when and where you need it most – I have 1 place available at a special rate of just £350 – reach out if this is yours!


For now though it’s time to heal grow and expand – with a little help from your friends


With love and real life miracles

Sheelagh and your team

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