Living Your Life Purpose LIVE With The Angels Jan 11th With Gift Of Healing TV



Hello beautiful soul,

I trust the New Year has been peaceful and calm – we are wishing you much magic and gentle expansion over the coming weeks and months


The Angels have been urging me to share my knowledge on how to manifest your Life Purpose with their help through a variety of mediums.  In the months coming I will be publishing a book ‘Living Your Life Purpose With The Angels’ and hoping this makes a huge difference to your understanding about your reasons for being here at this time.


Your life purpose is more than a career or job title, it is a mixture of your life lessons, your karmic balancing, the experiences your soul wants  you to have and of course your soul mate relationships.


We are living in a time where fulfilling our Life Purpose is not just an option, but a nesscity especially if you are a lightworker and here to share your gifts with the wider world.


To make this easier for you, I am hosting a series of 4 online ‘tv’ shows where with some very special guests and the help of the Archangels you will learn how to


  • take excellent care of yourself in the life you have
  • Usher in the new energies in magical ways
  • Up your quota of receiving one hundredfold
  • form a closer bond with the archangels in practical ways
  • understand how the angels are working with you in the new energy

The first show will introduce you to just how practical working with the angels can be, no fluff or woo woo here

you can enjoy my first show which opens with a interview with Sara of Gift Of healing tv about my work and how you can bring this same magic practically into your life this happens live on Monday 11th January 2016 – you can sign up for the show here (you will also get a replay if you are not available live )http://app.webinarjam.net/register/950/65d4e1ed6d


If you are not sure whether you can listen live (and benefit from the live healing that many of you will experience ) then you can also catch us 8.30pm CET ~ 11.30am PST ~ Thursday 24th 8.30am NZDT, sharing ‘Living your Life Purpose with the Angels’; I hope you will be able to join us – it really Will be the start of something special




More than anything your angels want to step in and be invited to work With you, helping you to burst through the barriers that have held you back and step into the life your soul and your guides are urging you to create and yes no matter what ;has been i am proof it Can all be different


In the following months i will be sharing my show with a special guest or two, and we will also be working with Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Jophiel helping you to bring very down to earth tools into your day to change ‘what is’ into ‘what’s waiting to be;


I advocate Only down to earth work, and I’m an ordainary woman who used her intuition (such as it was) to change my world, I don’t do woo woo, the angels helped me and can help you to:


  • Understand why your soul mate relationships are the way they are and how to heal them
  • Understand what your soul gifts are and how you are guided to share these
  • how to benefit from Practical help such as Money, career and personal intuition
  • how to help others to heal their blocks and barriers
  • release blocks from past lives that are affecting this one

You may or may not know, that before i started working with angels i was an unhappy housewife with little or no idea of how much my life would change, my baby was dying, i was immensely unhappy in my marriage, I was overweight, and thought very little of myself.


As a result of working with the angels they saved my son from terminal illness not once but three times, they got me off benefits and working for myself within 4 weeks, I met Mr Wright and yes that is his name and we are happtarily married, I started writing for online sites and working with people all around the uk, this soon spread to around the world, and more than anything else my ability to hear and see angels has just gotten stronger.


I went from having no money, no idea and no friends let alone someone who adored me and little self respect to having the best life I can imagine, and here’s the thing I was the only thing that changed.  No matter HOW difficult your circumstances are, if you are ready to stop blaming ‘life’ and you are ready to accept responsibility then this show will help you


I’m so excited to share my work with you and how You too can turn Your life around and live the life you Came here to live that I’m repeating the link click here to register to find out how You can change all that is.  http://app.webinarjam.net/register/950/65d4e1ed6d


I’m for now off to play with my family for a few days in a magical setting and all that remains is to wish you joy, peace and above all transformation, as that is how the journey begins, don’t resist what comes your way even if it seems difficult at first, and yes that is a message for YOU


With immense love and peace

Sheelagh and your team


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