Making A Soul Statement For Abundance……









It’s time to make a statement – to the universe that you mean business now  even if life is hard …..


I hear so many people saying ‘things have to change’ or ‘I’m going to do …..’ but I see them 6 months down the road and the relationship or money situation Hasn’t changed – things are very much as they were only the person is much more tired and fed up and is looking even harder for a magic answer


I’ve hear countless guru’s and teachers say ‘you are an unlimited being, you ARE the answer’ but how does that translate in real life ?


You still don’t have enough clients ?

Your Family still take up so much of your energy ?

Your relationship is still as rocky and volatile as it always was ?

You’re still permanently tired and yet pasting a smile on your face to try and convince yourself otherwise –


So many of you right now know you just can’t go on like this and it has to change, but so many of you still haven’t got the ‘how’ down….


We are in the time of the Pioneer……..it’s not time any longer to be hopeful – but fearful or positive – but secretly stressed it’s time to do what the Pioneers of America did – roll up your sleeves, face your circumstances head on, understand it won’t change unless you change – A LOT – and allow your guides to help you step up and in to the future you’ve been grasping at for months





Creating A Soul Statement moves the energy it allows you to change things ‘right where you are’ it allows you to be pro active – brave, the creator you were born to be and the master of what comes in over the next few weeks


Great soul statements come from your soul to you – however here are some suggestions …..

  • ‘The Universe supports me fully’
  • ‘Things will get better if i take care of me ‘
  • ‘I open to my highest path easily’
  • ‘I know I have way more support than I can perceive’
  • ‘Thankyou I appreciate everything and open to more’



A Great Soul Statement Doesn’t Just make you feel better – it starts to shift the energy – whats important vital even is that you get that momentum going as over the next 2 months we really will be tested – that’s why my pre christmas offering is designed to help you get all the advice that you’l need ahead of the New Year AND help you create the energy for the abundance and success that you deserve ‘ Soul Journey ‘ is my December offering to you to help you do just that



For just £99 you get :

  • A magical powerful remote 15 min recorded clearing of your money relationship or career
  • A magical message via mp3 from Your guides about what your Soul Journey is over 2017
  • A 6 month emailed channelled forecast sharing all of the gifts and opportunities that await you next year




Your Soul Journey is a sacred one we want you to benefit at every level not just when things get better – we want you to have all the reassurance and the support that next year will be better than this but the love and abundance start now 


  • That’s why you’l get your remote reading within 48 hours excluding sundays
  • You’l get your reading in either mp3 or email form – you choose!
  • You get to choose the specific area I’m clearing Money Career or Relationships
  • You get to choose the subject of your channelled Guided message
  • You get to choose the focus for the 6 month forecast, relationships, general, money, business etc
  • You get a remote Blessing activator to bestow the fairy blessings of Abundance Money And Love into your aura as my treat for you to keep


‘I only have 10 of these available and I’m starting them this Saturday ‘


Remote ‘Your Soul Journey’ Reading, clearing and message for just £99



We know life can be hard, tough and chaotic, but it can also be wonderful warm and loving – sometimes you really have done as much as you can on your own, sometimes we all need some help and we are here for you


With 100% belief in you

Sheelagh and your Guides


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