How To Manifest When It’s All Going Wrong



I was inspired to write this article after a few days of things going a little south – not in a bad way but in a way that highlights you are still manifesting despite what looks like it’s gone t***s up…..


For me this was about having a large family, and just two of us parents, to many children that have many needs – my beautiful husband has ‘another family’ that at times ‘demand’ their share of ‘him’and this can make him feel quite torn at times ……


When I sat with spirit and asked about this – because ‘we’ are in such a good place – they share with me that at the moment people are ‘demanding’ and ‘expecting’ what they think they ‘should’ have – even when they are not in alignment with it – for conscious people like us that are very aware of energy this can catch us unawares because we are usually focusing on our own energy not that of other peoples, and then it can really ‘get’ to you…..


Spirit says right now people are


  • Not wanting to break away from the norm – even though they are highly dissatisfied
  • Not wanting to put in any more energy – even though they want bigger results
  • Not being happy with what other people are choosing – because it means change is occurring

You may be experiencing some of this yourself for example people taking what you say the wrong way, despite being very loving, or people deciding that they are not going to flow with you – just because


Your manifesting experience like energy is always occurring, not just on ‘good day’s but on ‘those bumpy’ days too and it’s important to understand that it’s impossible to be sweetness and light all the time – for me those days are a sign that I need to step back, and put self care first, and leave what needs to be addressed for another day


Spirit have few tips if you are finding family or loved ones extra ‘touchy’ than normal


  • It’s up to you whether you drop your energy – that is a personal choice yes the enviroment may naturally lend itself towards this but it is ‘us’ that actively do it -if you find that people are ‘acting out’ right now the best thing you can do – is nothing in relation to that, and ‘something’ in relation to supporting yourself
  • Your point of attraction is Not just powerful when your happy, but when you are empowered – if you have 3 areas (let’s say family, body consciousness and your social life ) that you are empowered in, but two – (let’s say money and business) that you are not – perhaps you have no clients and you are struggling to stay or get into business (especially if you are self employed- focusing Only on the areas you are happy in won’t elevate your experience with manifestation in those other areas – spirit are stating empowerment is about becoming empowered and DOING something which makes you feel you are taking control in THOSE areas you are struggling in – this along with the happy vibe in other areas will bring forth that which you desire
  • Your core emotion is your natural set point, if you are very far away from this due to the energies around you then your ability to manifest will be off – understanding what your core emotion is to do this is vital – for example my core emotion is Enthusiasm so even if it’s not where i am i know that when i am there (on any subject) i WILL be bringing towards me everything I’m focusing on – when I’m not there everything else is ‘on hold’
  • The Perfect Time To Get Help is when you know you are stuck – not only are you ‘showing’ the universe that this is the way it’s going to be, you are preventing your energy signature from getting any more browbeat, if you have cords, attachments, entities and if your money or business areas are ungrounded if your relationship area has oodles of blocks then no amount of ‘being patient and waiting’ will get rid of the rubbish – taking action right when you feel the blocks is when you are going to powerfully get back on track
  • Spending time at any level focusing on what others are choosing is detrimental to your manifestations – put simply Other peoples choices may be heartrending or frustrating for you because you know that they are not acting in their highest interests, but the moment you expend mental energy towards them in reference to this – they will establish the link to getting attention and will use it to stay where they are – so you won’t see the improvements you are desperate to see – and they carry on getting feedback for what they are doing
  • Clearing the areas between you and others allows everything to evolve – so whilst you can’t interfere with their free will, if you share a relationship ‘space’ with someone or a money ‘space’ such as a joint bank account, or you both pay the mortgage – if YOU clear this area then they WILL receive the push to grow and heal but this has to be an action that YOU take for YOU that happens to also benefit them




The first picture is about when Lemons that are sour are all around you – get busy making lemonade, in other words work with the energy around you rather than ignore it – the second picture is that self care or working with your own energy is absoloutely vital


For example I had a whole day planned today things I was going to do – but the energy is actually telling me to be gentle and loving with myself so I am doing very little and i am literally ensuring I have enough energy for the week ahead here are some loving tips for the energy to continue manifesting


  • Ensure you have MORE THAN enough energy for the coming week – today take some time out for you and even if you are rushing to do things on Monday, be slower about it, breathe deeply and move from one task to the next in a slower manner, you are literally stretching time if you do this and your vibration will become calmer and less frantic it will literally bring ‘ease’ into the rest of your week
  • Spend five minutes – that’s all – every morning ‘going into ‘appreciation for everything you have, and do the same thing before you go to sleep, say ‘thankyou’ for everyone and everything and all the things that have supported you – ten minutes appreciation a day radically softens the energy for the next three to four
  • Take some action that you can ‘recall’ is going to assist you – in other words book a session with a professional who can support you this might be debt advice, seeing your bank manager, visiting your counsellor etc or of course taking advantage of the amazingly magical Midsummer Manifesting sessions which at just £55 will support you in business, money, love and all things practical, these are truly powerful sessions where I clear what is causing you chaos for once and for all
  • Be in the day that your in – try not to get ahead of your timeline, focus on the day you are in and if you truly are feeling bombarded make ‘creating space’ between you and the people bombarding you your priority – this is easy but make sure you do it without any ‘energy’ – this can be telling your children you will be with them in few mins, telling your spouse that you’l get to it at some point ‘this week’ rather than this red hot minute, or sending your client a note telling them that your on the job but to give you a little longer – ensure that you are aware that you are calm as you do this, as they will receive the energy you do it with
  • Take a few moments out just to be ‘you’ every day do the thing that softens you and relaxes you for fifteen mins, and ensure you portray to those you adore that this makes you a better person to be around, when you return to your family or your return to your work buddies then make sure you are smiling demonstrating that this ‘reset’ is to their benefit

In short support yourself, and if things do go pete tong don’t get attached to that it’s just ‘the way it is’ right now


We do advocate though not ‘waiting’ if you know something isn’t shifting, if you sense that things are going to continue in a way that doesn’t feel expansive – then you’ve got some interferance – Midsummer Manifesting is an opportunity to clear up the energy of all the situations that are feeling blocked to you – those new beginnings are just ahead of time so you are being urged to pave the way  – and we have a special gift for you if you decide that enough is enough your new beginning needs to happen now


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For now though we wish you much love and we invite you to enjoy our new Facebook Live videos on manifesting which are coming out this week you can join the fun by adding my facebook page Sheila Wright


With great love to you

Sheelagh and your angels



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