Manifest Like A Goddess – Mercurially……(FAST)


I’m an ordainary woman – except that I hear the non physical and advise people round the world through this gift but that doesn’t stop ‘real life’ happening to me


Over the last two weeks I was taken into a place of facing my deepest fears and I was guided lovingly by the powerful goddess Lakshami of endings and beginnings, ‘thou you walk through the valley of death you shall fear no evil’ she said to me – very biblical and not what I expected when faced with a huge bill


These energies are taking us into a place of no return, where we are asked to deal with what we’ve avoided because what awaits us needs us to be more aware than ever of ‘who we really are’ and only by shedding the oldest layers can we do that …..


It’s not the same for everyone though – for some you will be asked to recreate yourself so your path can begin again and for some you will be asked to recognise you’re not truly aligned and that’s why things are crumbling and dissembling



Your Goddess isn’t just a nice idea she is a real being who lives alongside the archangels who also watch over you, what most people (men included) don’t realize is that you can bring their energy into your body and manifest change, evoloution and opportunies in a much higher way


Manifesting With Your Goddess is Not about pretending you are okay when your not


  • It’s about embracing everything that is and dealing with it one piece at a time
  • It’s about learning what your truly aligned with at soul level and making sure your on the right path
  • It’s understanding that acting ‘as if’ is from the mental field – that closed 2 years ago – it’s time to manifest as a soul incarnate in a body experiencing yourself as a personality
  • It’s about integration after constriction so expansion and manifestation can occur


The Goddess who is with you says a lot about what your being asked to do – and how you will manifest as a result of doing it – for example Isis is all about a really clear perspective on what has troubled you, Frejya below is about being really bold but only when you know you are truly aligned



‘Manifesting With Your Goddess’ Saturday 22 April 11.30 UK Time is an opportunity for you to talk to ‘your goddess’ directly – as a channel i will be 


  • Giving every one of the small circle a personal channelled message & a personal question answered
  • Helping you to understand what manifesting with your goddess Looks like in the real world
  • Your most urgent problems tackled practically
  • Take part in a magical beltane manifesting spell to supercharge your efforts


I’m So passionate about this because it takes all the fear out of it and helps you to become fully empowered within the life you have ‘right now ‘


This is an intimate affair so I will only have a small group of people as I want to ensure each of you has the very best attention I can give you – do not worry if you cannot make it live a replay with all the juicy tidbits will be available straight after I have just 8 places left now and at just £49 it’s vital to jump on this if you want change ……


‘Yes please Sheelagh this Mercury Retrograde is going to bring out the best for me I’m in’……


The link for the call will take place via ‘zoom’ you will need a compatible device (pc or phone ) and the replay will be sent out within two hours of the call we cannot wait to help you change your life ……


With 100% belief in you

Sheelagh and your team






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