Manifest Like A Mother


I Live in the Uk – and am like many people feeling the pain and grief of parents and mothers around the world – and yet despite my deep empathy and love for them I know that dimming my light won’t help anyone


So many people are feeling the ‘possibility of chaos’ right now, and what I see energetically is people trying to stay safe and yet trying to manifest by controlling their thoughts & yet energetically their body and energy field is tensed with a message that broadcasts ‘ Oh my word what’s going to happen now’  – this is what the universe responds too


The old way of Manifesting doesn’t work now because your thoughts are only a fraction of what you are vibrating as

People forget that we feel empathically the worry and stress of our community collectives and we emanate a ‘fight or flight ‘ response this can be from our husbands our teenagers gossip at the school gates or a moan from a friend – what it does however is far more damaging to your abundance than it appears effectively we’ go on strike’ and no amount of ‘positive thoughts can change that – but we are here to suggest a easy way through this using the ‘Mother Energy’


  • Birth is painful yet natural you don’t push at the wrong time you allow the contractions to be productive
  • The Mother may be busy empathising and supporting but she comes alive as she nurtures herself through her love for you
  • Motherhood aligns you with a love and appreciation so deep that life as it is takes on new meaning



Manifesting Like A Mother Counteracts the fear that affects the collective  that also limits you – in this short video I share some tips as to how you can do this I also share my own experience of allowing abundance despite lifes challenges





It IS easy but only if you have a high clear energy field – Friday 26th May 6pm Uk time Im hosting a powerful Webinar to give you healing guidance and tools to use ‘Healing With The Mother’ is an opportunity to


  • Receive clearings from community and national fear energy
  • Receive 2 card pulls about June for you
  • Receive an activation from ‘Mother/ Goddess’
  • Understand how to evolve your day to day life
  • Know what wants to be birthed

This is impromptu to support you at a time when most of us need it – the price is just £35 and you will be read for even if you aren’t live and the replay will be sent out Saturday



We so want your life to change so that your light helps the community that you are in and spreads like a wave of love sorely needed at this time – you may well be experiencing money issues or energy issues and you think ‘ I don’t know if I can spare this the time or the money’ I of all people understand that thats why you need to expand now more than ever


Sending you SO much Motherly love wherever and whoever you are


Sheelagh and Your Team

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